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In total, 14 electronic key cabinets were installed on campus and connected via network with the central SQL database. The University of Leicester, one of the leading universities of England, is deeply rooted in the tradition of scientific excellence: as a pioneer in the medical DNA analysis to their current involvement in the British space exploration. See more detailed opinions by reading what Levi’s offers on the topic.. With more than 20,000 students worldwide, 10,000 students at its main campus and 3000 employees she managed 220 building, which belongs to the Fielding Johnson Building built in 1837 to the oldest. Graham Middleton is in various forms as a pure building key, as a car key maintenance key to technical equipment, as Security Chief responsible for the management of all key of University, key for Sevicedienstleister and the key for the guards must be managed as. The complexity of the task was for decades grown structure of 220 locally distributed buildings still in addition strengthened and eventually led to the realization that only a collaborative online management based on electronic logging could restore the direct accountability of all key and object movements key management systems. Before electronic key cabinets were used, the employees and Sevicekrafte received their keychains in the corresponding security areas, in the hope that they will also all return came in the evening at the beginning of the work.

Often, the keys were stored in addition poorly. The loss of keys and keychains with the result that door locks to a not inconsiderable degree had to be replaced was therefore inevitable. In a case that not once was a large building, the exchange of all castles 17,000 EUR cost. “If you have to deal with a large number of keys, then it is imperative that you know which person the” Were key removed, and from which she returned. With the electronic key cabinets we can trace exactly the withdrawals and refunds now at any moment.

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