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This will be your first date? Most girls prefer to have the first meeting took place on their territory. To ask for a visit not required, but it would be better to choose some place closer to her home. Plan to send her the same night in the bedroom? Yes, perhaps it's time. A recent survey of British women showed that 90% of women begin to worry if their new love is not hinted at a hike in the bedroom after 4 weeks of dating. Four weeks, not hours.

You have been married for over 5 years? Congratulations, but do not relax. Scientists from the Max Planck Institute in Rostock (Germany) found that most marriages fall apart somewhere in the fifth or sixth year of residency. Because that by this time the husband and wife no longer strive to maintain relationships. In marriage, more than 10 years ago? Beware. As scientists have learned the University of Pennsylvania, 10 years – a critical time for marital sex because it is difficult so much time to do the same and do it well. This is probably why many married / married couples aged 40 to acquire a leather underwear and other prichindalami. Already down the aisle? Academics from University College London's claim that the optimal age for marriage for men – 32 years and for women – 27 years. You may find that two sigma can contribute to your knowledge. If you do this before, or you will regret that did not manage to work up, or you find out that due to lack of experience made the wrong choice.

Malanga Family

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A few metres away is a rustic door with two leaves where to hang seasonal fruit, shows of what lies inside. It is common to observe visitors of any age in the inside. The most common is that the garden visit at any time of the day, although It can also be at night. In both cases the journey is fascinating, although the experience is different. If you visit during the day it is common to observe at the door, along with fruit hanging in it, small and harmless lizards of green or Brown, (Anolis fulcatus and a. sagraei, among others), feeding on them.

Passing to the inside comes to the House following an entry bordered by small Sellaginella SP., showy plants related to ferns and whose color can be blue or green depending on the angle from which they are observed. Some friends or family serve as guide during the tour. Welcoming rise two aged cedar (Cedrela odorata) over 20 meters high and covered with beautiful representatives of the family Araceae (Scindapsus aureus), of large and small leaves bright, green and white, commonly known in Cuba as jardin Malanga. Next to one of these Cedars is a magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora), species that was introduced from the South of the United States.UU. for the decoration of the gardens of the hotel San Vicente, close to Vinales, in whose place there are still some copies. Its flowers are large, white, showy and fragrant, especially at night.

Today only a few of these specimens are located Vinales, remain rare in Cuba distribution. In the high mountains of the Centre and East of the country there is an endemic species of this family, (Magnolia cubensis), but smaller flowers.