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At that time, stopped reading the Book momentarily. I remember that just at that time, he had managed to save as $9,000. My dream had been to buy me a used BMW. I had planned give those savings over my old truck hitch, and above all, stay paying fees during 3 years there, lying in my bed the first thing I thought was: Yes, clear. I can’t be disciplined but in the next.

I only buy my truck and it will then change my lifestyle. The next time saving it. I promise. At that moment, I telephoned my brother, who was reading the same book I. They had given us for Christmas. I asked him if I had read that part and what he thought thereon. I only buy my car and then would change my spending habits.

l answered me: Joseph, there is no next. Why is he (the reader) will challenge at this moment. If you can not do so now, forget your dream to become rich. That day I thought that my brother, smaller, but not less wise, He knew what he was doing, and he would achieve his goal before me. That could not pass! I promise you that the decision I made that day has changed my life forever. The problem is that to become rich, one must save, not spend. One must invest, not buy. While later you begin to accumulate his fortune, it will be harder to him. Do you have the required discipline? It will begin to be disciplined today or just once buy what you so much you wanted? If you decided to be disciplined as of today, we are going well. Otherwise you must find a way to controlling their impulses and cat purchase. Interesting thing is that once one manages to change his way of thinking yempieza to invest, it becomes like a Vice. Whenever one has money think about where might invest it instead of where you can spend it. Start today. So do not delay. Take that decision, because in this life, every minute counts and there is always someone ahead of one that I already take those first steps. Think about how much his best friend get your financial freedom and you do not. It will continue to do regretting? If you want to change your life forever go a: SecretosDeMarketingDigital.com there will find the way to start your business on the Internet.

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