Universal University

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Do know, for example, what will be the kind of energy that moves the world, within five centuries? By now are being tested several modalities ranging from electricity or hydrogen, to nuclear fission, but we know that the ingenuity of our fellow humans (if it is that within several centuries we can continue talking human gender) will exceed all our current projections. So much that many of those future things was today seem absurd: something like that as if to the contemporaries of Cristobal Colon had told them that the man would reach Mars or if a contemporary of Leonardo da Vinci had made them the prediction that the man would invent the computer. Consequence of new forms of energy will be the radical change of systems of mass, and one-person transport which, in turn, are indirectly related to the aforementioned teleportation and the trip to of time whose mathematical possibilities are already demonstrated by Russian Igor Novikov, and some insist that it is impossible because if it could reach, they had already visited us humans from other eras. Mentioned, on the other hand, integration man-PC that will be in the next millennium total. Should this union lead to a communication similar to that now she call telepathic, because to achieve that new versions of computers work with the orders of the brain (matter next because we are running via voice) and that the brain can receive, directly from the computer, the respective reports or information, shall be immediate communication with the single thought. Education will favor the wonderful ways to handle huge amounts of information in a completely virtual environment and then learning processes enter into dimensions that we can’t understand today. Schools of cement and bricks, as I have said on several occasions, they will disappear sooner rather than later, to make way for the massification of education through computers interconnected global and permanently, under the responsibility of the future Universal University.

The foregoing leads us, also, to conclude that many of the great mysteries of our history, as for example, the age of the universe, the origin of life, the existence of other universes, the past of being before the Big Bang, the evolution of the human species, etc., will resolve them in the third millennium. Another objective of the next millennium will be the meeting of different (or same?) living beings to man, in the millions and millions of neighboring galaxies. And advances in the field of transport, communications and new forms of energy to follow at least the way we imagine today, it is easy to predict that we will succeed. This contact will change completely unsuspected way the story of the man and the directions of their scientific and technological developments. As they note, only speculate about the next millennium is something difficult, even using a good dose of insanity. But the madness is the mother of invention and, therefore, of the future.

Duke University

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While behavioral therapy helps to decrease the pain through methods such as meditation and yoga, to help relax the body and reduce stress. Lifestyle changes are also an important part of the treatment for chronic pain. Sleep well and stopping smoking is important. In fact, known that the nicotine in cigarettes can make medications less effective. And although the majority of treatments for chronic pain will not make this go away completely, yes they may decrease intensity and frequency with which they occur.

Hence the importance of speaking frankly with a professional health to learn how to better control your pain. The psychological component psychological treatment is essential in the treatment of chronic pain, because of if is a stressor for each patient. Therefore, one of the practices with the patient includes techniques of meditation that it help relax and natural remedies. Many find that with enable the State of relaxation, pain may lower them a 30 to 40 percent, only to decrease anxiety and manage the symptoms of depression with natural remedies and alternative therapies. Acupuncture alternative therapies, yoga, meditation, massage, natural remedies and exercises are alternative treatments that provide relief to those who suffer from chronic pain due to various diseases. Acupuncture, for example, is very effective in the treatment of osteoarthritis, sore knees, back and legs since by stimulating certain points on the body, produce substances which help to relieve pain. In fact, studies carried out by researchers at Duke University in North Carolina, indicate that this technique is valuable, even, to control pain in surgical patients. Different types of pain professionals of health defined pain according to duration: acute: its onset is sudden.

Not too hard and ceases when the injury that caused it heals. By example, after surgery or a blow. Consider natural remedies that are effective to relieve acute pain without side effects or risk of addiction. Chronic: Its duration is unlimited and the psychological component is present. If it is not treated, it can depress the immune system and delayed healing. In addition, enforces a physical and emotional burden to patients and caregivers. These two types of pain can be categorized as somatic, visceral, neuropathic or nerve origin. Somatic pain can be caused by damage to the skin or superficial tissues. For example, a sprained ankle or a muscle spasm. The visceral type is produced in some internal, such as the heart or the gallbladder body if there is a stone or appendicitis. Neuropathic pain or nervous origin occurs by direct stimulation of the central nervous system or an injury of peripheral nerve pathways. With a great interest in health issues and alternative medicine. I believe that natural remedies and alternative therapies have their place in modern medicine. I am sure that an informed person is potentially a person more happy and healthy. Blogs related regional Health Directorate turns 2 years in the service of the removed the disputed head of the Aguaytia confidential regional Health Center Juan Jose Guemes, Counsellor of health LosYoruguas.com earthquake in Chile: thank you for pain Spanish word of the day: however body Lejeune killed in Helmand fighting high school of La Roda two institutes have a plan Chile is being lifted from the pain, says the provincial delegate of health Representative visited Villarta de San Juan for transformation of institutes and colleges will strengthen

Venezuelan University

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The stay of the student in the program laid down by the regulation of graduate is four years (3). It can be done in less time wanting it the participanteHORARIO of the scheduled has developed based on professional working all day and offered within the schedules from Monday to Friday from 6.30 to 9.30 p.m. Also is it can be filed on Saturday, the so-called Saturday courses involving 8 hours four in the morning and four in the afternoon. GRADE OPTORGA the PROGRAMAAl meet the participant with all academic and administrative requirements established, the institution gives the title of specialist in management of quality and productivity.Calculatorto requirements to join the program must: possess higher education title issued by a Venezuelan University or other higher education institution of recognized prestige, whose curriculum has a prior four-year minimum promised by law enforcement in these cases. In the case of universities foreign titles legalised by the Ministry of relations exteriors.

copy of identification card of identity. Certified black background of the title of higher education, notes obtained certified originals in the superior studies of postgraduate with indication of the average of qualifications and place occupied the three promotion photography size Passport curriculum vital with copy of the evidentiary documents proof of cancellation of the tariff’s application form preliminary investigation ascribed to one of the research lines of the program submitted to a personal interview the number of participants the program supports a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 25 in each CohorteREGIMEN’s ESTUDIOSEl program is subject to the regime of Presential pursuant to the regulation of studies of postgraduate programmes of the University of Carabobo. During the year is administered in three trimesters in twelve weeks each January 1st April, the second from April to July and from September to December third.

Groucho Marx College

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I have little time to do things related to leisure, why see TV is almost impossible for my, fortunately, since as I said American actor Groucho Marx, find television very educational. Every time someone turn it on, I retire to another room and read a book. But recently I saw a program on it. It was one about detectives who solved cases by their expertise in Criminology. The program is not bad, the debatable is the message without wanting it (I hope) that they give to the audience: need more like them to resolve the current crimes. Then I remembered a University that advertise his career in Criminology with this slogan: the crime is increasing urgen criminologists!. Nor am I against the University that the usa is more, a year ago I taught class one that offered that degree.

What do dispute in this article is that the message becomes distorted. Many young people entering universities forward to graduating with a secure job, but soon disappointed realizing tells that there are thousands like them looking for him also. They focused on the end, not in the process, i.e., believed that a University would give them the possibility to work and thus be able to earn money, but did not realize that she offers them the means to do so, not the work itself. Knowledge is the process, but they believe that with a college degree they will achieve their goals, putting aside the learning, by only pass the materials to acquire the role that distinguishes them as professionals. A person I just said that his brother is a graduate college and has no employment since long time ago, even though it looks for him, not found. What I answered is why it does not create an employment?, she looked at me astonished, but I doubt you say to your brother.

Once again is the end which appears, not the process: if I have no job, I have done something wrong to have it, is not a college degree get me, but I must get it. The hours that a young person spends in College should also help you learn how to use their knowledge in the working world, not only to approve their materials and thus get a document. The books I have written about vocational guidance invite me much to radio and television, they always ask me something similar: which professions are the most saturated?, although I always give them a list of 10 of them, I’m thinking answer: all. That’s the truth, there are many people in all races, hoping to earn a place in the work environment, but only get it if they leave thinking that graduating from College is the prerequisite for employment. Young people should stop thinking so to concentrate in learning really, to learn how to use the acquired knowledge in the world of work. That is the challenge. Do we really need more college graduates? No, urge professionals who generate employment, including his own.