National Curricular Parameters

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This article presents a research in development in the Chemistry laboratory of the 2 secondary school of Camocim Member of the house of representatives Murilo Aguiar, making a external bridge between pedagogical environments, partners and the study, classroom inside of Chemical Composites, gifts in the contents of Chemistry, where the same it presents problems for a clear understanding. Had its abstract nature, the pupil for many times does not obtain to understand as so small structures can encircling in them and not even we are capable to perceive them and differentiates them. Most of the time this explanation if restricts to the resource of picture, chalk and books. Much has been said on the necessity to mean the contents that we teach in the classrooms, and this passes, also, for the revision of the methodology of work of the chemistry professors. These can be turned, following the orientation of the National Curricular Parameters, toward a’ ‘ contextualizao’ ‘ of the contents and for ‘ ‘ interdisciplinaridade’ ‘. What it is considered here is to think about strategies to mean the contents pertaining to school, from the emphasis in the problematizao of the study object, since from the situation-problem creation, we can establish relations between the pertaining to school knowledge with the data of the daily experience, in order ‘ ‘ to give meaning the learned one and to catch the meaning of the world, to make the bridge between practical theory and, to base the critical one, to argue facts on the basis of, to deal with the feeling that the learning desperta’ ‘ (Nunes, 2002:77). The insertion of the development of inquiry and problematizao of the contents aims at to establish between the pupil and the object of the knowledge a reciprocity relation that, expects, provokes learnings with meaning. The considered problem, mentions understanding necessity to it of that the pupils seem not to understand and a situation of the daily life could be stimulant to search answers and solutions.

Ambient Education

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The Ambient Education if today became an indispensable tool in the combat the destruction of the environment in which all we are inserted. Professors and pupils become the main agents of transformation and ambient conservation. In the schools we more see each time the concern to acquire knowledge the pupils on its paper in relation to the future. With simple methodologies professors are obtaining to awake the capable pupils for reality and becoming them of not only preserving for now as tambm for the future of the generations that still are for coming. He not only fits the schools but to all the citizens to give sufficiently attention in what we are transforming the world where we live, still has time to move but for this we must change our attitudes and thoughts, simple attitudes as one to only close of taps contribuiem very and for preservation of our natural resources.


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Get the first job without experience being University this article is mainly aimed at University students. They should worry about their future since they are studying and not until already completed the race and now whether to look for work. The problem of getting job without previous experience occurs mainly in the graduates of the University. It has blamed the companies for not giving opportunity to young people without experience, or the Government for not creating more jobs and promote conditions to ensure all this, the schools and the educational system by not properly prepare students, anyway. Studying a master’s degree to improve your CV is not recommended more when you just graduating, unless you pretend to dedicate yourself to research in any Institute of a University.

Currently there are various programmes in all the companies, which benefit people who are still continuing their studies or have no work experience. A great alternative are pre-professional programs, these programs are ideal for people who still are they are studying and they are studying the last two years of his career. I.e. they can study and work at the same time. Most times these programs have a maximum duration of 6 months, this will depend on the contract that you signed with the company. Professional practices are another very good alternative, they do not ask as main requirement having work experience, they are usually applied to young people who have just finished their studies and want to apply the knowledge learned. As everyone knows getting the first job is not easy, you need lots of patience and above all have the necessary tools, Indian them here some tips for your first job search.

Having a well-crafted resume that does not exceed the two leaves (precise data). . Login to web sites of companies in which you are interested in working, most of these have a mailbox mail where you can freely enter your CV. Network of contacts, is super important to them know your friends, relatives, etc., of the search for their first job, in this way they can help you, for this you can make use of tools that offers Internet these days such as e-mail, social networks like facebook, etc.