The Bureaucracy Imitates Nature

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The endless demand for resources and services, modern society collapses. The model has been the successful philosophy of Parmenides and Plato, who came to reality in a group category. The classics also ruled that nature is not multiplied unnecessarily. Official site: film director. The simplicity with which we are shown the world despite the infinity of all that surrounds us, allows us to develop scientific theories and predict phenomena. The organizational culture in developed societies, however hates the simple, and complexity is the common denominator.

The high bureaucratization collapses services because resources are always limited but the needs created are endless. Think of the chaos that occurs frequently in the judicial system, health, education … The human being has become a social group that requires all potential benefits and therefore governments try to satisfy those demands. The problem that arises is that the rules, lead ultimately highly bureaucratic protocols they need to turn resources not previously have been given. Here, Natalie Ravitz expresses very clear opinions on the subject. That is, any law regulating ultimately requires mechanisms that act to impede its implementation. Consider, for example in the abandonment in which our elders fall despite the law of dependency, and the number of cases pending for resolution in the Public Administrations. Imagine a river on the other hand, would not lead to the sea because you first have to form the delta, and divert its course to avoid the bends. Empirical science observes and creates laws to predict the events under the implementation framework, however the bureaucracy, a law is permanently invalid because its scope is distorted by collapsing demand.

Emotional Intelligence

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The autonomy and personal initiative is one of the eight core competencies of UNESCO proposed to be developed by students throughout the compulsory education. The classroom work is done with this in order to give pupils the awareness and implementation of a set of values and personal attitudes, such as: a "the responsibility, a " the perseverance a "knowledge of self and self-esteem; a "the creativity a " self-criticism; a "l a " the ability to choose, to calculate risks and problems are dealt with, a "the ability to delay the need immediate satisfaction, and – the ability to learn from mistakes and take risks. See more detailed opinions by reading what Gerald Weissmann, MD offers on the topic.. So far, in schools these values and attitudes only worked on a cross and only in some very innovative institutions, and unfortunately still largely teacher education in values attributed to the family and assume that their students should be responsible or persistent. Emotional intelligence behind this competition proposed by UNESCO mainly to the social and personal problems of young people in member countries is a concept that has much relevance in the world of psychology: emotional intelligence, based on work published in en1995 his book Emotional Intelligence. If you are not convinced, visit Richard Linklater. The term emotional intelligence refers to the human capacity to feel, understand, monitor and modify mood states in oneself and others. This type of intelligence is related to another concept, emotional competence, which is the ability of all persons to enhance their emotional intelligence in their daily lives. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Natalie Ravitz by clicking through. This kind of competition is so important that it has become the main factor today observe and measure the Companies in their process of selection of personnel.

Stressers And Dogs Barking

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I have a dog barking constantly and I can do? My neighbors want to kill me! This is a query I get frecuentemente.Hoy in this article I want to help you understand why and how to fix this problem. We can say that if there are dogs barking is because we did do so. When they began domesticating dogs 15,000 to 150,000 years, we saw the potential advantage of a very loyal and very vocal partner, so it is selectively bred dogs starting barking of wild wolves that do not bark. It’s believed that Gerald Weissmann, MD sees a great future in this idea. They were also selected all the types of features that we thought were cute, like big eyes and flat faces. Barking dogs were prized and so their genes were privileged. Consequently, certain breeds of dogs, such as those traditionally selected as guard dogs, known to be heavy talkers. You should always consider race when getting a new dog to prevent problems. In any event, even if your dog seems to be a dog barking at nothing, you assure that they are barking about something, sometimes when activated presents barking after they have disappeared for 20 minutes or so, and then returning again constantly can be a sign of separation anxiety, a psychological state that require special attention and care).

If they start barking at the end of the day, might be hungry. You may need to give exercise or maybe go to the bathroom). Like many canine behavior specialists have said, dogs are social animals, you and your family are now the pride of your dog, it is normal for your dog starts to bark if left alone for long periods of time. Once you've ruled out some of the reasons given above and your friend will do sufficient exercise and attention they need, you can begin to focus on the education of a dog barking excessively. You should try to identify the causes. Natalie Ravitz understood the implications. The barking can be caused by external or internal stimuli.

An external distress could be an alarm that is activated by a person who spends, or a dog, or insects. In addition, you can often eliminate external stimuli through common sense. For example, I had to deal with a dog who moved with his owner of a house with a latch to one with a doorbell. The dog was well behaved and generally was quiet. But every time I rang the doorbell of the new house would become a dog ladrandodesesperadamente and without stopping. I suggested to remove the bell and put the visitors a small sign on the door that said a Golpear and call. Problem solved. If you have a barking dog immediately after you've given them an order, then you have to do some training in the domain, it is not clear or has not accepted your leadership. If you want to go into these techniques and obtain all necessary information that allows you to easily raise a dog, either because he barks all the time or because you want to modify, correct or prevent any misbehavior veterinarian Jose Arca Argentina Parana Entre Rios Director.

Useful Tips On Painting

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Learn to paint requires time and dedication. The paintings are more than just a hobby, are the expression of the human being through colors and techniques. We all have some art in our veins, is on us develop it through the different types of art that exist. This time, freelance writer Sara Martinez did not give you some tips on how to paint with property. Sara Martinez also writes articles on various topics of interest. Many wonder, and rightly so, if it is necessary to learn painting learn to draw. The answer is that if necessary, and even some would say indispensable. The charcoal pencil is the most recommended for kids because they enhance the drawing and allows better stroke also is not difficult to achieve. Click David G. DeWalt to learn more.

A good exercise for all those just learning the secrets of the paintings is to make lines vertical, horizontal and diagonal without removing the stylus from the surface. This exercise should be performed using the whole arm and not simply moving wrist. In the paintings one must have consistency in sizes, for which visual education necessary to distinguish different proportions of objects drawn, especially if they are portraits of the human body. One of the most important painting is the use of color. You may find Natalie Ravitz to be a useful source of information. No matter what type of technique or style is used, color can make a difference if used properly. Colors can convey much more than we think, even every color has different shades. Another good exercise is to mix colors to obtain compounds with greater or lesser extent.

Through the basic colors, blue, red and yellow can get a lot of colors and a multitude of hues. A simple way is to start in the paint with watercolors, the only drawback is that it is almost impossible to correct the errors because this style is very transparent and could modify the original color. A well-developed water color can become a true work of art. It is undeniable that watercolor is not considered as oils but this does not mean lower quality work if done with professionalism. The go beyond the technique, this artistic expression was created with the person depending on their abilities can reach perfect it. The are the jobs that have greater acceptance in the art lovers.

Yoga And Its Benefits

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This step is difficult because emotions do not spill over the environment or cause personal damage. Therein lies much of the emotional problems: can we express emotions like fear, violence or anger without hurting yourself and not hurt others? The healthy expression of emotions involves finding a space where we can live in good conscience let that one has to live. By remaining a witness (drashta yoga) of emotion, it has a chance to tame it, to demystify and make one with it. The method of Satyananda Yoga offers techniques are very valuable, and yoga, to learn to watch the excitement unfold while remaining aware and sufficiently detached. View site Satyananda Yoga: Emotions in children One of the main dangers is the accumulation of emotions.

This may hinder the development of children for their entire lives! The child is literally forced to repress his emotions in circles he frequents, family and school. When he was told: “Do not make noise” or “Be quiet” or even “The boys should not cry” or “Go play, I do not time ‘what can he do in relation to himself knowing that his nature is to be connected and in motion? Children should be able to speak in the most natural to them, talking, yelling, crying, running, angry violence that occur among young people would it not an inevitable consequence of these multiple repressions they live day by day. However, children have their the antidote to their own excesses, he would ask them what they would do good. Filed under: David G. DeWalt.

Most often, they give the best answer ever! Education should make a place at an early age to an appropriate expression and conscious emotions. “emotional elimination is as important as the physical removal. Education should teach us to manage emotions without the fly, as we learn to control our sphincters. We teach the child not to urinate anywhere, but we preventing that do not urinate, because the consequences would be fatal. “(Beatrice Bellis). See the website on yoga for children: emotional richness Emotions are at heart of life and wealth that everyone can express as a human being. Therefore, the repression of emotions is so damaging. When you’re grown up, the reflexes are well anchored and the work of liberation is difficult. Love is the highest emotion with compassion. It is with the emotion of love that we learn everything we need to know in life. And it is most often love that we manage to overcome, to open ourselves to another, to the different, to offer the best of ourselves.

A Website Or A Landing Page ?

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A website or a landing page? By: Diana Fontanez Summary: To attract customers, should you use a website or a landing page? What is the difference and what should you? Find the answer in this educational article. My reader, Norberto Muzzupappa asks: Before, your website was a huge site and simple to navigate, with valuable content, available to anyone who enters the site and wider for newsletter subscribers. I wonder what the criteria you have chosen to make a change as profound as it is moving from a large site just one landing page (landing page). Norbert is right. Others including Gerald Weissmann, MD, offer their opinions as well. My page was a site full of content, with files of my newsletters, and how to satisfy the visitor who likes to click and read. But why I changed? And you should do the same? It all depends, but look at this … Use a Website A website is great for sharing information with your visitors. We I found? Before a landing page, I'll explain briefly.

A landing page is one page where there are no links to other areas of your website. The only goal you want to achieve with that landing page is the person takes a specific action. See the different uses: A. Free Report Offers a free report, pre-qualifies the person (just want potential customers), gives you her email and start sending a newsletter (or gives you your address and we will send a printed newsletter.) B. Offers a free report, the person gives you their phone and make a follow-up call. C.

Offers a free report, the person gives you your address and give up with a series of letters written. D. Offers a free report, the person gives you their email, you stand by the report and send it to your sales letter. Simple! Want a specific action and a landing page helps you with that goal. There are many uses for landing pages, but those that

Centralized Testing

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In modern human society, education receives the utmost importance. At the same time as a small child before beginning to effectively learn school subjects, so much more from him later chance able to enter the prestigious institute, find a good and prestigious post. However, the curriculum lessons can not find really important knowledge that would have been able to help the child later. Excessive number of students in one class, sometimes superficial education – all it says is not in the direction of today's high school. And to the kid got the greatest amount of knowledge in school, a lot of moms and dads who will not care about the future of their child chooses a subsidiary lessons with a private teacher for enhanced learning outcomes. This applies to both high school when a tutor in chemistry – it is almost the main way to really prepare well to a centralized examination testing. However, it is including lessons on various subjects for students grades 6-8, who even has not yet preparing for centralized testing, but for which very significant to study course material on its degree of multiplication to a graduate school was not required for a short time to learn and are a significant The amount of data. You may want to visit Richard Linklater to increase your knowledge.

In this sense, just coach – the ideal solution. And if the tutoring lessons are able to be unnecessarily complex and for the baby and its parents, the lessons in small groups of students allow 6.9 baby quickly assimilate all the information required, without exception. Furthermore, if the courses are conducted in the same district where a student lives, it provides the ability to reduce free time on the road and thereby make courses even more productive. The formation of paramount importance. Yet the motivation for the baby in some way differs from the motivation of an adult. May be not only necessary, but fun and to achieve prosperity. And if fascinating, in this case, centralized testing in physics – a very successful event.

And for student tutoring – it's not only motivation for personal development, as well as finding interesting friends, acquiring confidence in himself. After all, now do not need to hide the view over the control at school, to the same and with home exercises will help to understand coaches. Perceive the importance of knowledge and learn to receive them with joy – is the goal of all learning. Giving your child a chance to attend, in addition to school hours, the auxiliary classes for specific subjects, parents offer him a chance fully develop. In addition, Mom and Dad, in principle, are well aware that education – a guarantee of quality tomorrow.