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Hamburg Academy for distance learning celebrated anniversary Hamburg, February 12, 2009 – the Hamburg Academy for distance learning celebrated its 40th anniversary this year. The Institute for professional and private training engaged since its inception in 1969. A correspondence course was in the 1970s and 1980s still considered exotic”form of learning, distance learning today is a popular and contemporary form of postgraduate education. More and more people appreciate the individual learning framework offers a correspondence course and good compatibility of study with work and family. Also the ever-increasing number of the Hamburg Academy show. You may want to visit CEO Keith McLoughlin to increase your knowledge. With over 150 courses the Hamburg Academy now belongs to the largest distance teaching institutions in Germany. By graduating up to the media in business administration, from the practical elder care to the management course, the Institute offers a wide range of courses in the areas of school, business, career, languages, IT, technology and personality education. Each year decide around 10,000 people for a correspondence course at the Hamburg Academy.

To guide their remote students even better and more efficiently through its distance learning program, the Hamburg-based Academy smartLearn also has a unique concept, the competency tool, developed. Each participant can find out with whose help, where his personal learning strengths and weaknesses lie. Overall, continues (as of January 2009) are currently 18,000 people at the Hamburg Academy. Kindle Direct Publishing is full of insight into the issues. A remote school in the course of time the first nucleus of the Hamburg Academy was the 1969 founded Institute for the promotion and education of writer scientists”. Later, more institutes to, so the Linguaphone language courses, as well as the ABC came Paris art school. Under the direction of the remote School Pioneer Axel Andersson, the Institute grew together and were purchased in 1987 by the publishing group of the Velcro.

It was the Axel Andersson Academy”, the first correspondence school, with the Velcro engaged in adult education. Since 1997, it is under the name Hamburg Academy for distance learning”an extensive Offered course range. Since 1978, all courses offered by the newly founded national centre of distance learning will be”tested and officially approved. In January 2009, received the Hamburg Academy certification in the seal of approval for quality in the field of distance learning PAS 1037, and is nationally certified educational institutions according to AZWV. Celebrate 40 years distance learning 40 weeks on 1 March a large online winning sweepstakes at starts on the occasion of the Jubilee year. 40 weeks the Hamburg Academy is giving away a weekend with a weekly smart fortwo convertible. In addition, all participants have the chance to win a practical shoulder bag or a MP3 player SanDisk Sansa clip every week. Anyone can participate over 18 years.

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