Ambient Education

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As Oak (1996) Apud Silveira, Marques and Guedes explains (1997 p15): The ambient education does not have to be understood as one disciplines more in the pertaining to school resume, therefore it must be present in all the stages, in all the substances, all the procedures of the educative process. The school is a privileged space for the development of actions that lead change of attitudes and behaviors, since the child and the adolescent are important agents of the spreading of new ideas and influence on the family. Since the decades of 60 and 70, the Brazilian ambient legislation has been extended, intensifying itself in the decades of 1980 and 1990 until the current days. We believe that the next step, also considered of utmost importance, is to make daily with that the principles that conduct the Ambient Education in regards to preservation and conservation of the environment in favor of the survival and maintenance of the nature are understood and practised for the individuals. To the step where the lesson was proposal stroll, the teacher sent for the parents of the pupils a questionnaire approaching referring questions to the history of the quarter/land division, to the positive and negative aspects, and on the forms to brighten up the existing problems. When being inquired on the history of the quarter, one of the parents answered that before, the locality ' ' it was a belt of coconut palms, today, casas&#039 is a quarter with many; '. As positive aspects, they had been unanimous in affirming that the place is calm and propitiates the contact with the nature; ' ' it has paz' ' , and ' ' ventilado.&#039 is sufficient; ' How much to the actions practised for the people of the quarter and that they harm the environment, the inhabitants they had commented: ' ' The people play garbage of the other side of quintal' ' ; ' ' still people without conscience exist who, exactly with the collection service, play the garbage in the streets, and the forest fires also prejudicam' ' ; ' ' she has much smoke, many forest fires of garbage that the proper inhabitants queimam' ' ; ' ' desmatamento&#039 exists; '. .

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