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It has a new didactic-metodolgica boarding that exceeds the perspective of the professor to give ready concepts on the environment, to speak only on the physical aspect of the natural resources and distant realities of form stanches. The norteador axle of the process of education and learning must be the reality of the educandos, breaking itself, in this in case that, of problematic the ambient one that the fence, propitiating itself a reflection on questions come back toward the preservation of the nature and the formation of the ecological citizen. Ahead of these affirmations, we agree to Oak (2008, p.77) when standes out that: ' ' The Education happens as part of the action human being to transform the nature into culture, being attributed to it directions, bringing it for the field of the understanding and the experience human being to be in the world and to participate of vida' '. In turn, Freire (2005, P. 30) explains: ' ' A reflection of the man exists face to the reality. The man tends to catch a reality, making it object of its knowledge. Cognoscente of a cognoscvel object assumes the position of a citizen. That is proper of all the men and privilege of some (therefore the reflexiva conscience does not have to be stimulated: to obtain that educating reflects on its realidade' '.

In this meantime, while beings partner-descriptions that act directly on the reality, the individuals must be always searching to understand this reality in the multiple aspects and to transform it of positive form. Since early, this position must in such a way be stimulated in the family, as? of systematic form? in the education institutions. We also send the Education ambient, that can, and must be a great allied of the school and all the population in the direction to make possible strategies of prevention and conservation of the way, associates the individual and collective action.

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