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Profession of interior designer has lately become quite popular, if not fashionable. Large number of orders, good payment for services designer, proximity to the creativity which makes it creative profession attractive. Let us Let us examine in more detail, what it represents this profession. The Federal Law on design activities in the Russian Federation, accurately described this notion. Designer – artist-designer, the designer who owns knowledge of all components of design, has developed aesthetic taste and relevant skills. In its project design work, he creates unique product design, provides the coordination characteristics of the person and object design in order to ensure the highest functionality, performance and aesthetic and emotional effect. Professional and qualified designer should have a good special architectural and artistic education, to draw well, possess the specialized computer programs, well-versed in building materials and able to apply them in practice, and most importantly – be able to translate their ideas into reality.

Unfortunately, in recent years, more and more untrained designers without special training. After graduating month course design, and sometimes even without any formation of these so-called "designers" try to carry out some projects of interior design, allowing a huge number of mistakes and committing, at times, it is not permissible actions. And all because to become a designer alone is difficult. There are several very serious limitations for those people who want to become an interior designer in the home. Feather – the limited information available. In the Internet and in bookstores virtually no information to the designer.

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