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Provided that as distributions, that thing wish or what you need, I’ll be there, and you can feel me to your side. Each time, when in the clear nights and starry mireis towards the sky and I seems that any star in particular makes you a wink, there will be. Increasingly, when you pose you a bird in the window and you foot, there will be. Whenever observeis the immense sea and peek a Minnow, as if I It addressed, there will be. Whenever you go on the field and you notice a flower in particular, because you enjoy it, and ye forth to your House, there will be. I will be there, when being sleepy I awaken a ray of light in your face, or a breeze in the morning. I will be there, when cold feel and you look sizzle and the heat of a few embers.

I will be there, when you have heat and I refresqueis and renoveis with clear waters, or when gently rocked it the waves. I will be there, when find a good tree whose shadow I relieve and whose mantle I rest. I know I’ll be with you, illuminating and guiding your steps and paths, as well as your Sun and your Moon me lit up to me when was dark and blinded. I know I’ll be with you, when after an overcast day and rainy you may see a rainbow appear. I know that I will be with you, when feel drops of rain and dew, therefore you always need reconectaros with your nature. I know that I will be with you, When the wind shake the trees and uncombed, your hair when air brings you a butterfly that pose in your hands, and then I tell;! look brother, what beautiful.! I WANT MY CHARMS DIVINE, I ADORE MY CHILDREN, YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MY SOURCE, LIGHTING, AND INSPIRATION, MY SUN AND MY MOON.!!!! PostScript-the rich and lucky man is one whose children run into his arms even when your hands are empty.? (Dedicated to my children, dedicated to my dear charms, dedicated to my Sun and my Moon)(By Juani-Juan Fco Canadas Montanez) Original author and source of the article.

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