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But, they are not these principles that we saw in the life of the children of Davi.POSSIBILIDADES OF the DESTRUCTION OF the FAMILY DE DAVIAgora we can imagine two situations: 1. Davi neglected in fact, not taught the law of God for its children as it was common to the Jewish people; 2. It was not lack to teach the law for its children; it was the fruit of the seed that he himself planted. Kindle Direct Publishing pursues this goal as well. This is the moment to reflect very on: As our home goes, with respect to education of the children, as well as its lives spirituals. But, I want to emphasize the responsibility and influence spiritual of the parents on the children. In accordance with the text (2 Sm 12,1-15) leaves clearly that the problem in the family of Davi had its nascedouro in the supernatural world, that is, was consequence of the sin of the priest of the home, when this disdained received a sentence Now painful, therefore, the sword of your house will not be never separated, you disdained inasmuch as me, and took the woman of Urias heteu, it, so that you he is for woman (2 Sm 12,10). Frequently Gerald Weissmann, MD has said that publicly.

The base spiritual of its family from now on was threatened, perhaps somebody can question but who sinned was Davi, it had that to only suffer, its children would not have to suffer it together with, are an acceptable thought the principle, but, we cannot forget the justice and sovereignty of God, we do not have to analyze the children of Davi separately, but yes in one all – a family. Davi destroyed the family of a faithful and simple servant, (2 Sm 11,11). As well as it he destroyed a home deliberate, he received with the same currency, does not mean that God did not have the pardoned one. They say that the sin can be compared as one I nail that it was in a board; that after to be taken off of its place, the orifice where was remains.