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We very well know that daily are more ways to earn money from the internet, some very good other not so much, we also know that the physical world is like the real world, so how does not lack who use it to hurt, steal etc lends itself to good things But the main reason for this topic is the why in my 4 years of experience in networking and two of them already living business online, because e-commerce is the best alternative for me. Very well I could not mention all forms that exist in internet to make money, but are a short count within my experience and hope not to disturb any person who may be developing some of the businesses that are not profitable within my experience. Very well initially and as whole rookie someday was in ptc, more known as pay per click (pay per click), in others as ptr known as (pay to read) or pay per read, among others, but it really is something that in my opinion requires much work and the equivalent receiving cash is very low, Surely with these systems you will never earn 50 dollars or euros per day, this may be a good alternative for those initiated into the world of the internet and can see your first income, recommending them to be very careful when entering these programs since many of these companies put you to work but you do not pay or disappear at any time. Well there are other systems such as the traditional opining win or earn money by completing surveys, these systems know that they are very profitable but especially for people from USA, they easily manage to win more than 50 dollars a day although there are companies who pay us for latinos, there are not many for people from USA, in terms of these systems I can not say that they are bad, in fact ever work them and had good results achieved make money, these packages of companies that pay you to fill out surveys typically find them on the internet for about $35, buy several but badly organized, good and say this because according to them it would earn $ 1500 per month but fails to win or 50, as I rewarded according to with redeemable points and what I needed was money, therefore gather the best companies that we are paid by processors as PayPal or checks to put it at your disposal free in my twiteer for them will need to be registered in this social network and find me as daicer123 and in my publications you will find a link which you can download the best companies that pay per view.