Perhaps Wizard

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Date of purchase must be on the warranty card and receipt. Before cause the wizard for repair, once again, carefully review the instructions to the device in the “Self-elimination of minor faults.” Perhaps your dishwasher has stopped because the loose closed door, or someone pulled the plug (when the outlet is needed for long grinder) and forgot to plug back into place. If you still invoke the wizard from the service center, and he determines that the fault occurred through no fault of the manufacturer, you’ll have to pay in this case the challenge and diagnosis, even within the warranty period. If your washing machine or dishwasher broke down after the warranty period, do not rush in embrace the first to meet in ads service center or service center, which you promised arrival of the master for an hour, promising high-quality repair for funny money – it’s just unreal. Most likely, this special master, who works at your pocket. Do not rush! Specify how much it would cost the wizard, the cost of spare part, what documents you will leave the wizard after the repair.

In our country, for services in the homes of citizens valid license strict reporting forms form the BO-1 (beskassovoe service), approved letter of the Ministry of Finance of Russia from 20.04.1995 years 16-00-30-33. Gerald Weissmann, MD has compatible beliefs. If the master, having diagnosis, says You that the spare part you need to buy – boldly chase him in the neck. In our service center often ask people asking to sell a spare part, but very often they are only interested in its value.