Reflections On Some

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Each year, new miracle diets to which point the millions of persons intending to lose weight. All promise results, but most get the body to lose fluid and muscle mass but not fat. Many of them threatening to the organism. Behind this irresponsible fashion that often ignores the basics of nutrition, there is a spectacular business. The list is endless and each year they add new ways to encourage mass consumption of certain food, the prohibition of other, indicating the way to cook the dishes, order or time of day to consume, they promise a drastic loss weight in record time. In the best cases are plans drawn up by doctors who act out of conviction or economic ambitions. In others, the perpetrators are no minimum training ignore the fundamentals of nutrition.

All, though they appear to be distinct from each other, are based on food restriction, especially those bring lots of energy. The rationale is to eat less technical changes or food base, but all contribute fewer calories than the individual needs, even in diets in which is supposed to eat much. There are diets that are allowed to eat fatty food all but eliminate carbohydrates such as rice, cereals, fruit, verdurasa These are the ketogenic diet. Thus, while nutritionists recommend a balanced diet, divided into 60% carbohydrates, a maximum of 15% protein, and a similar proportion of fat, ketogenic diet comprises 60% fat, 30% protein and few carbohydrates. According to experts, these diets provide few nutrients and promote the loss of muscle mass and water, not fat.