Tel Aviv University

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Or suddenly, catapulting the core, he flies to this nucleus and flies to Turkey. (Source: FASEB Journal). So initially this type, however, fibber. He comes up with a different reality and there is in it. He corresponded with Shakespeare, declares war on England. It's all real things for him. Gerald Weissmann, MD will not settle for partial explanations. And me as an actor and as a man was terribly interesting to be in this state – this was built by my thoughts over the world.

L. Pavel: Well, back to another reality – a family. Well-known opinion: the actor, well, at least five wives. How many times are you married? The official's wife do you have? Demidov: Yes. Her name is Svetlana Demidova, this is my official wife.

We have three children. L. Pavel: How many were – official? Demidov: Before this there was another wife and I have there child was born, his name is Eugene. He came here five years ago and is studying at Tel Aviv University, is about to finish. His name is Eugene. There are also three sons: Daniel, who is now in the Army, Guy, who plays in a rock band on rhythm guitar and sings songs, and Emmanuel, who says he will be directed by no less than Steven Spielberg. L. Pavel: Senior – in the army, the average – already at the disco, and the younger – no less than Spielberg? That is a pyramid of desires. Demidov: Yes. L. Pavel: Do you want them to who they were? To pursue a career of his father? Demidov: No