The Failure

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If to analyze these factors we will go to understand that since child the human development comes being worked in the family and that by means of this context the family exerts a basic paper in the life of the pupil. The family is the place of the unit, the continuity, and also strong transmissora of values, to the family has the social paper. .html’>New York Global Group, then click here. Already school is the place of the diversity, of the difference. The important partnership of the family with development of the pupil is in the direction to stimulate the child if to involve actively in the life of the pertaining to school, to have curiosity for learning and interpreting the world. The SCHOOL AND the STUDY OF the PSICOPEDAGOGIA When it is observed behavior of the people, exactly of whom they possess one high level of instruction, the fear intimidates to has not to believe them its potentialities, thus preventing all the possibilities of if expressing ahead of a group of people. It is noticed that the difficulty to express itself in public can have come from the school, therefore is in the school that the pupil starts to perceive that differences exist: where the great majority of that it possesss greater access to the o knowledge, by means of the reading of books, Internet, and/or parents with better social standards, is considered falantes, most intelligent, the ones that take off greaters notes; excessively is less intelligent, the notes lowest.

These factors give to the individual edge for the success or the failure in agreement its psychological development. Destarte, SANTOMAURO (2010) clarifies: Who does not present its ideas with clarity or badly defends its arguments ahead of a group faces problems in such a way in the classroom as in the professional life. (NEW SCHOOL, March, P. 43). The constant transformation in the life of the pupil if of the one from that it if does not feel fearful in displaying its ideas without thinking that he is if expressing missed or that to its debates and its arguments they are entering in controversies with the subject debated at that moment is necessary that the family next to the school has repassed a reliable feeling, that is basic for the development of this pupil.

Tarsila Pupils

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We know that it is important that the professor promotes spaces for research, quarrels in group, referring assembly of panels to the subjects, mockups, at last, everything what to become center of interest of the pupils, being able to deepen the study and the knowledge to each day. In this direction we have the intention to take the chance to interpret and to reflect concerning the workmanships Marinara Jellyfish, Leda and the Swan both of Vik Muniz and Operrios de Tarsila of the Amaral. Identifying to which the substance cousin used per item of them for the production of its workmanships, which the intention of each one when constructing and divulging its workmanships and which the repercussions that each one has before the society. This because we understand that the Art has an importance that it goes beyond disciplines in the pertaining to school resume, therefore it is close product of the formation human being. with through it the citizen perceives the sensitivity of the humanity when therefore it is important to have the significant art as something in its education, therefore the art constantly opens doors, and that it provides the chance of citizen to enter in the human creative land of form.

This will be lived deeply in 4 serie/5 year of basic education I in the municipal College Jose To sound of Almeida in the city of Capoeiras, Pernambuco. Having a horria load of 10h/aulas divided between theory and it practises as plain of lesson in annex. II. METHODOLOGY First will be displayed for the pupils some of the workmanships of Vik Muniz, from investigations on the workmanship and the possible readings of the same one will be made there. After that the pupils will be questioned on the material that the artist uses for the culminncia of its workmanships, after that will be made a reflection on of these materials (if they are conventionally used for other artists, if the presence of these materials in works of art is frequent, which is the utility of these materials in the social environment them pupils etc.).

Conciliate Education

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Writing in Brook Saucers 21 of May of 2009 the education and the citizenship depend one on the other, therefore it cannot have education, if the citizenship is not executed and it cannot have citizenship, if the education is not taught. It is difficult, however, it is not impossible to conciliate education and citizenship in Brazil, therefore it has capable devices for such accomplishment. The education must be taught in the schools, so that the people learn with it the citizenship, that must be practised. In our country, many people exist who have education and therefore, know what it is citizenship; however, for the fact of these people not to live what they had learned, they do not practise the citizenship. Click David G. DeWalt to learn more. To live what it was learned, is to execute what we learn. In the majority of the schools, the pupils learn as they must practise the citizenship (knowing of its rights and duties: voting, knowing he folds who is managing its city, charging of the politicians and giving opinions to improve our lives). If to practise the citizenship that we learn in the school, the conciliamento of the education and citizenship will be concluded. From this step, we only need keeping in them practising the citizenship, therefore planting the citizenship, we, future will harvest many gifts, as the respect, the union, the peace, the prosperity, the wisdom, amongst other things. Therefore, we must keeping in them firm and always constant with the practical one of the citizenship known for us, therefore thus we will be victorious!.

University Professor

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He passes to be feared enters the fellow workers. Looked at with false respect. Visa many times as one persona non grateful for the group. It can be affirmed with security that all leader it needs to have to its side people reliable to construct resulted. The good relationship with commands becomes the routine of orders and much more light and productive obedience. However, if the leader needs somebody to its side that says of its hair, of its clothes, making to it small personal favors to it, is because she is a dependent and devoid leader, potential customer of a good clinic of psychology. How many after all talentos they are hidden in the team and it commands that it maken a mistake loses contact, leaves to use to advantage for the good of the organization, for if weaving one or two in bajuladores of planto.

If the collaborator needs to hang itself in commands to guarantee in the job and to grow in the career, is because it has little to offer the organization, and any slip of commands will be dragged together for the irrigation ditch of the losers. Many pull-bags are dismissed after its ‘ ‘ amos’ ‘. Therefore, leaders are intent not to fall in the temptation to feed the ominous plans of the pull-bags that tend to delay the organizacional development. Collaborators if weave more in its abilities of what in artifices in the art of the conquest of the other. Exactly because, pull-bags and leaders imcompetent people if deserve and must be where they are accepted and not in winning groups that they primam for the true team spirit and consistent results in any time.

The University

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This research shows the insatisfao of that they coexist the professor, what it makes to more perceive that the life of the professional this each afflicted and conditional time to necessities of the day-day, forgetting itself the conjugal and social affectivity of the life. Boch (2008, p.198) affirms that, ' ' the emotions and the feelings are as foods of our psiquismo and are gifts in all the manifestations of our life, need them because they give to color and flavor our life and in the taking of decisions. 2.3 The manifestation of stress in the university professor According to Fontana (2009), ' ' stress in human beings has been defined of varies ways, but, in essence, ace is a done requirement adaptativas capacities of the mind and the body. This definition implies that: stress in itself is not good nor bad; it becomes good or bad as indirect consequence of the force of the estressante agent and as direct consequence of our psicofsica capacity of resistncia.' ' By its very nature, the professor profession shows to a continuous occupation of tasks and collections, being difficult disconnect in the end of the day and end of week of its attribution. Malagris (2010) affirms that: ' ' consuming occurs, in sharper way, when the homostasis (cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal functions and control of the corporal temperature) internal of the organism is disturbed by long periods or in very acute way. Any generating situation of a strong emotional state that has taken to an in addition homo estase internal and demands some adaptation can be called one estressor.' ' Graph 1: Etria band As demonstrates the graph above, the etria band of 20 the 30 years corresponds 18% of the interviewed ones, of 31 the 40 years corresponds 24%, of 41 60 years 38%, above of 60 years 20%. Graph 2: Quality of Life? ' ' Factor predominante' ' One notices that 2% of the interviewed ones had consisted that in its routine giving lessons, to keep the Quality of Life in the work are not a predominant factor, 98% of the interviewed ones see importance in the factor. . For other opinions and approaches, find out what film director has to say.