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This is one reason that migrants, who long to live in Germany or were born here, the food, risk, health, and social behavior of the locals adapt. On the other hand many of the people in this age group in the course of the recruitment of foreign workers “after Germany immigrated and practiced outweigh heavy physical activities out. On average, the activities of migrants exhibit an increased accident risk, what has a greater disability than with the Germans to the result. So Turkish workers are affected for example disproportionately by early retirement and disability. The morbidity of the two groups differs also striking. Migrants often suffer from bacterial diseases and infectious diseases, such as tuberculosis, as Germans.

Explanations for this offer the environmental and living conditions Countries of origin. In addition to the health burden, migrants are also often affected economic and social strains that adversely affect their health with increasing stay. Of cardiovascular disease occurring often in German and cancer, however, rarely occur when migrants. Here too, the eating habits of the country of origin play a role again. Following table shows the incidence of tuberculosis in the comparison. Information needed for migrants in the public health sector negative affects the low take-up of public health on the health of migrants. Occupational diseases take the immigrant was rarely medical rehabilitation services.

Also they seek rescue places instead of general practitioners more often and this increasingly in the evenings and most weekends. The use of prevention services, as well as ambulatory care services is also low when migrants compared to Germans. Although there is a different cultural understanding of health and disease, the low Use is mainly a result of the difficult access to the services. Migrants are insufficiently informed and have problems in the communication and understanding. Young migrants use not the full offer. With regard to dental health checkups and vaccination be drawn below average. Means for the support of social systems alleviates this that there is a need for education and access for migrants must be. Best practice: Improving home-based care of Turkish migrants Bielefeld University carried out by 2007 a project for a period of three years, which should improve the self-management of Turkish care and nurturing. Goal was to dismantle it information deficits and barriers in the field of conservation. The Turkish care using an algorithm of name have been identified and contacted. Then the carers could meet regularly with trained health mediators. This could the participants exchange their specific care experiences and information in their mother tongue. The project had a higher autonomy and quality of life in the Turkish care and support of caring people to the result. “Advice to the intercultural orientation to the topics of health care” and need for care “of migrants, the imap Institute offers support for health projects. The offer includes the implementation of health conferences, workshops for migrants as well as the creation of health signs.

You Can

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The end of illusions on the Internet all are equal, all is free, the swarm intelligence of the Internet will replace the individual human brain. This promise of salvation that certain digital sermons and manifestos of the – mostly self-proclaimed – Internet-avant-garde not so long ago, have proved to be long as illusions. Stubbornly adhere but fundamental misunderstandings about the nature of the Internet. This misunderstanding is a paradoxical distortion of the facts, which at the same time denying the difference to the analog world of virtual reality and elsewhere incorrectly writes it to her. What is meant? Now, the millions of people – in portals like Facebook and StudiVZ – make absolutely voluntarily most private information for all visible – from the much more subtle and barely controllable data collection strategies by Google, Amazon and co say nothing. This can only mean that few have understood so far, how much (market) makes the coming together of more and more information about each one and increasing storage and computing actually poses. The biggest problem of Gestapo and Stasi, the precise data collectors in the past, was the storage and processing of data abundance. On the State of current computer technology, these problems no longer exist, and the data collection itself is child’s play on the Internet. Details can be found by clicking Gerald Weissmann, MD or emailing the administrator.

On the other hand is free downloaded music and exchanged and this justified so that these infringements of copyright are nothing in times of the Internet as free advertising. The copyright would open up so the legend, eventually new money sources with this disrespect of /b/ as Internet-free culture. The latter is simply wrong for the vast majority of the artists. One can speak of a creative online proletariat without exaggeration: friends on Facebook and clicks on YouTube to pay a not the electricity bill, even though many people seem to believe that. Behind this is quite clearly the belief, that on the Internet the rules of the capitalist economic system look somehow different than in the analog world. Do not. Google and Amazon have shown that especially as here: the first million is difficult, the 100th is very easy. Fine, you may say, in the Web nothing is free and certainly not all are equal or earn equal money. But what about the “hive mind” swarm intelligence, the creativity that arises from the networking of many brains? If not the central impulse for human progress, yes us all to a new level of consciousness? Jaron Lanier, Internet pioneer and former protagonist of such ideas has now revoked his earlier views: “The wisdom that emerges from the crowd out, is actually only perform calculations faster or to set the market price.” Amen. Andreas Kellner

Tournament Director Laura Eggert

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At the beginning I slept for weeks with her in the room. Now I switch off me with Lottis Grandma, every day someone is there, but you need accommodation outside of the Hospital, says the 49-year old, who has been sick since the terrible accident. It takes a lot of money. The tournament served solely the good cause, it should be a way, to be able to help with pleasure stressed Tournament Director Laura Eggert. Kristina Junge added: in the beginning was one paralyzed, did not know what to do. Then we thought: money Yes always helps.

Carlotta has over ten operations behind it, more will follow. David G. DeWalt has much to offer in this field. After the accident, her left skull had to be removed, yet always could not be ruled. The cerebrospinal fluid creates too much pressure. She suffered abdominal inflammation, there were problems with her shunt, an artificial process for the cerebrospinal fluid, she got a flu and had to remove her appendix. She was not spared even by meningitis. The young woman, who two months before the accident had started an apprenticeship as the event technician, loves horses and was always a fun-loving person, can open her eyes, but no one knows when she wakes up.

You takes people was around, sometimes she cries. But it is not clear what really gets you, her father said. The forecasts go from complete recovery to complete disability. Currently, all hope that her condition has stabilized, she can come in a rehab clinic. Unfortunately it was very unlucky, but she has always been a strong campaigner -, Kristina Junge says. The idea for the charity tournament in early January, and by the rapid, massive help of many people, especially around the TSV Lindewitt when Carlotta was active, you have can to organize it in such a short time, says Laura Eggert. Whether companies, Parish Council, Mayor, HGV, former classmates from Niebull or Bredstedt – from all sides support come.

Social Market

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family). These practical developments are missing in many countries around the world! The evolutionary development from nature to culture means the change in the thinking of the analog brain (instinct, feelings) to digital (intuition, mind). The distance from the mammal to humans: The objectification of life: such as money (symbol) as a measure of value. The Substantivierung of our communication. By faith (Annunciation) to knowledge (discussion, Dialiktik).

Of the speeches (interpret, suggest) to write (archive) etc. From the trade (production) to the industry (mass production). The development of morals (honor) to legal norms (laws / section). Democracy instead of dictatorship (centralist) (federally). Social Market economy instead of oligarchy. Today, Westerners in knowledge societies Americanization or democratization, globalization and digitization lacking some fortschschrittlichen Asians live only the Demokratisierug.

Philosophy (mind science of the West) has the development of theoretical thinking about the world and the ruling in her principles from the dawn of humanity to its end to the subject. > History of philosophy. It belongs to the peculiarities of the philosophy that it has spawned always again new explanation models to your own everlasting questions in the course of its history the recognizable, the correct action or the meaning of life. How do I get? Who am I? Where do I go? While philosophers must each with their answers, the findings of property insurance nature to adapt science and attract their current knowledge to explain the world. The history of answers thus always flows in the current statements with a. You can people-oriented, history of philosophy work-oriented or problem-oriented approach. Another approach consists in the Division after large periods, where the main people with their major works and their answers to the main questions are worked out. … The confrontation with the history of philosophy, possible depending on the intended function, in various forms, as documentary, polemically, topically, narrative, argumentative or about hermeneutic.