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The Conference was a snapshot of Jurgen Gartner, Russias Consulting GmbH to the Diskussionsort on the new path of Russia’s development both at the present time and in the period after the crisis. Actually the goal of economic development for the coming years was already set and often repeated. \”Early February 2010 Russian President Dimitri Medwedew at a meeting of the Presidential Council for national projects and demographics made it clear again: the objective in the modernization of the economy, in the establishment of a modern, innovative, strong and effective economy, for which we are not need to ashamed.\” He thereby underlined that the domestic economy should not depend on raw materials. The top officials involved in the Conference showed the steps that are required for the solution of the tasks. The term modernization should be backed up by deeds\”, economy Minister Elvira Nabiullina said. For this purpose the motivation of people should be, the motivation Economic and business circles be promoted.\” First and foremost, should the conditions for the entrepreneur facilitates and improves the investment climate, said the first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Schuwalow. The improvement of the investment climate should be according to him, in establishing clear and consistent business rules and change of attitude toward entrepreneurs.

In addition, the socio-economic situation in the country must remain stable, he added. For the improvement of the investment climate, including a simplification of the approval and agreement procedures in new projects was necessary, continued Nabiullina. In addition, the Russian tax system should be reformed and improved, she added. According to the representatives of the Government, new types of business need tax privileges (if they are connected with innovations, high technologies and energy saving). Often however, the positive intentions of the authorities contradict their deeds: consistently increase the corruption and the tax burden, the number of bureaucratic Hurdles is not decreasing and the expediency of investment in the ailing infrastructure is still questionable.


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Student consultants carry current academic knowledge in the company. You can advance its customers with latest knowledge and offer the best possible advice. What does knowledge mean? And how can a consultant pass on his knowledge and his experience? Not early we have learned that we need to know experiences itself? How can a consultant then solve a problem by its own Know-How help me? A consultant has learned through his profession and learn solution-oriented work, analyze issues and problems and to prepare, has experienced various difficult situations and thus learned to apply its expertise to new. Employees of companies that have, or? Yes, employees have their individual expertise. That is why they are so valuable for their companies.

So have but many years of experience, but often don’t have the time or the ability to pay, other problem areas or to get to the latest scientific findings and to prepare the solution-oriented. This is precisely the task of the consultant. He is faced with various problems to be solved. Each problem solution increases the wealth of experience and knowledge, so the knowledge on which it can draw. So expertise is special, especially technically or economically valuable knowledge, experience, and knowledge according to the encyclopedia”. Know-How means to be able to apply his theoretical knowledge practically. So, in particular students will learn holistic understanding of problems and issues and to work systematically. Issues such as valuation, statistics and quality management can be learned while studying.

Especially student advisors can carry the current academic knowledge in the company. You can advance its customers with latest knowledge and learn the practical application of their knowledge at the same time. As an interface between research and practice, they can offer the best possible advice to companies. This kind of knowledge is valuable for a Companies. So Student Adviser characterized here by creative and flexible solutions, without already make use of internalized thinking. With a broad portfolio of services of process optimisation and support certifications regarding the implementation of market surveys and giving training to the development and implementation of balanced scorecard is cards just the Studentische Unternehmensberatung junior Comtec a competent partner in all these areas. Since its founding 23 years ago at the TU Darmstadt motivated students from various disciplines beyond their studies look beyond. So already over 600 projects could be completed in the past. The solutions it produced were not only getting a great help for the company, but also an important step in personal development for any student advisor. In doing so they link their current academic knowledge with the experience of the oldest student consultancy of in Germany and place your Know-How efficiently a problem-solving their customers.