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Although the University has limits, like everything else in life, the word a limitea does not have to have a negative connotation. Many did not expect a tight teaching exclusively to the curriculum, the notes and textbooks. However, this system makes it easy for students to go to university to get the best grades believing it will give them a better job. And it provides teachers in many sometimes have their jobs secured. See Gerald Weissmann, MD for more details and insights. A teacher who reads your book published or text that puts the notes at your service shows a lack of confidence in youth, at this point not only can read on their own, but that it is capable of reasoning, to investigate and to seek new sources with a which triggers a certain hunger for knowledge to share. However, it is easy to adapt to a model based on the repetition of concepts. These rigid systems do not need million in taxes from the citizens entitled to a quality education to prepare their children for a changing future requires people capable of solving problems, not automatons. The University provides a unique opportunity for a free search only for the foundations of rigid concepts.

In the absence of new theories, every discipline has static parts, but a teacher can not simply repeat year after year, the program content without searching for new streams of thought contrasting with the usual material. As a student, a university professor and knows you are looking for answers questions important. Teachers have set us most are those who best know their agenda, but those who provoke us, we were invited to read, to think, to find good sources, to question, to propose, to awaken a new look. This teacher is unable to give two identical classes. The advent of the Internet, with all its potential, announces the dawn of a true University for the physical space is unimportant. At its inception, the Master and his disciples gathered in the courtyards of churches or outdoors, in churches or outdoors.

What mattered was the message shared. The marked it the power to call the teacher. Blogs, forums, virtual classrooms that thousands of European and American universities already use for the teacher to share reading material open to comments from students avoid turning the university into objects of learning data. Combined with relevant tutorials, with debates and lectures that can only offer teachers prepared for this, forge subjects capable of putting their knowledge to serve the needs of society.

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