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Lengthy Trials – 5 cycles of freeze-thaw – took place without any loss of quality characteristics of the material. If winter counterparts simply not, you should try to find an adequate replacement. For example, traditional technology of laying floor coverings on concrete base includes leveling the surface by screed. In winter, when windows can not open, this process can take a very long. This will help avoid the use of precast dry subfloors of gypsum fiber produced by Knauf.

The advantages of precast floor of gypsum fiber is a high speed of installation (up to 60 square meters. M per day while working teams from two people) and a complete lack of "wet" processes. It is very important when decorating in the cold season. We must also remember about the performance characteristics of materials, especially those that will contact with the external environment. In particular, the domestic market is currently well represented foreign production, are often not designed for the Russian cold.

"Many building materials imported from Europe. Some of them are designed for use at not less than +1 C. Naturally, for use in our harsh winters, they are not suitable ", – experts believe the department of architecture of the Ural State Technical University. For example, in 1990 the Russian market were Turkish plastic windows that have not been able to withstand extreme cold. Obviously, the technology of window profile for Russia and Turkey should be different. For example, given the characteristics of Russian winters, the experts group of companies propleks used in the production of pvc window-profile special additives to ensure his frost. Tests have confirmed that the profile proplex can be used in the northern climatic zone of Russia. To make repairs is not necessarily in the summer. If necessary, the work can be done in the winter. Especially because many Construction companies provide significant discounts for their services during this period. Should just remember that the execution of certain types of work during the cold season requires adherence to certain rules and can take more time. If all the features of the winter maintenance were taken into account, then its quality will be as high as in summer.

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