Superior Education

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The one that I, personally, consider most excellent it is the valuation of the professional of the education, in what perpassa its formation, qualification, structure of work, professional valuation, wage, respect and as much other elements that could here be passed. In the same direction it comes the will politics and the public education of quality, in this scope is that the decisions are implanted politics through legislaes that give support to the educational field. When a law for a group is created always if I reached other groups in its return, therefore, if it lives and it coexists where in society has a world of relations is personal or group. The text analyzed for the construction of this reflection, backwards tona the question of special pupils with necessities citizens with rights and duties as all the citizens are for legislation force that is for being Human beings as all the others, factor, which I identify myself. It is not possible in a democratic society to exclude somebody for being different of the other. It cannot have a standardization or we will leave of being democratic. It would not like here, to generate controversy in relation to the subject, but to become me a citizen that, modestly is considered to dialogue through writing on the subject and of this form to extend the reflection of the form as already I developed above.

They are diverse involved elements and I do not see conditions objective to effect some type of judgment at this moment. My proposal is to make the reflection on pupils with necessities special and the school, jointly with all the educational field and of ensinoem our Country, as well as of the organizations, in this in case that the Advice of the Child and the Adolescent, the City departments and State of Education, the Advice of Education in the diverse instances and the responsible Institutions of Superior Education for the formation of the professionals of the Education. The reflection must continue in the direction to guarantee rights, to deepen the Democracy and to guarantee Cidadania to all and all. Clarice Ftima Medical Dal Teacher of History. Obs. The text can used since that be cited the source and author

Special Education

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The federal government then starts to invest in these classrooms, placing, then, the necessary resources to the normalization process. So that the people with necessities used special them with the objective to become them apt to participate of the society. The inclusion of the people with deficiencies, in the common schools of the regular net of education, is a great new challenge for the Systems of Education. Analyzing the evolution historical of the people with deficiency, we see that for much time they had lost its identity and had passed and to be assigned not by the name, but for its deficiency it is which will be. This was one of the reasons for which they had been absent of the common schools. Its pedagogical development if gave in house or added places, in which it coexisted only also deficient colleagues. The few that had access the regular school had that to adapt itself to the mold of the school, passing for an election process that assigned the ones that apt and was molded to frequent school. Today it is possible to detect one I number well significant of people with registered deficiencies and frequenting the classrooms of regular schools.

What it is leading to a reflection about the paper and the purposes of the school. This reflection if consolidates in the understanding of that the differences in the classroom, before being a complicador for the action of the professor, Can come to be a factor of qualification and enrichment of education. 7,2 LEGAL ASPECTS OF THE INCLUSIVE EDUCATION IN BRAZIL. 7.2.1 Legal recital the Special Education, as modality of the pertaining to school education, is organized in order to consider a successive approach of the estimated ones of practical pedagogical the social one of the inclusive education, in order to fulfill the following legal and politician-philosophical devices; The Federal Constitution of 1988 in its article 208 establishes that it is assured: III – The educational attendance specialized the carrying people of deficiencies, preferential in the regular net of education; IV – 1 the access to obligator and gratuitous education is public law and subjective; V? Access to the raised levels more of education, the research and the artistic creation, according to capacity of each one.

Literary Reading

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When if it thinks about reading and in the innumerable education of literature questions appear. The first one of them is: Which the importance of literature it human being? If to question regarding all the history of literature we will observe that since when this only verbal age already had its importance for the humanity. Even though because all the human being has the fiction and fancy necessity, as in it affirms Candido to them (1972, P. 2-3) when approaching the psychological function of literature: Perhaps a certain type of psychological function and the first thing that occurs in them when we think about the paper of literature. The production and enjoyment of this if base on a species of universal necessity of fiction and fancy, that of certain is coexistensvel to the man, therefore appear invariably in its life, as individual and as group, to the side of the satisfaction of the necessities most elementary. this occurs in the primitive and the civilized one, the child and the adult, the instructed one and the illiterate. Literature properly said is one of the modalities that they function as reply to this universal perhaps necessity, whose more humble and spontaneous forms of satisfaction are things as the anecdote it guesses, it, trocadilho the rifo. In complex level the popular narratives, the folclricos cantos, the legends, the myths appear.

Literature has the capacity to confirm the humanity of the man and also to satisfy the fancy necessity that is intrinsic the same. In this way, as much seated in wheel counting histories, that is, through verbal literature, how much with the intent eyes in the pages of a book, literature satisfies such necessity human being. We can cite as example the importance of verbal literature in the life of a human being, as counted histories still in infancy have enormous relevance still in its adult life.