Soroka Ben Gurion University

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An israeli physicist in Louisville Kentkucky, has proven that first graders among in low percentage levels, 20% of them showed sleep disorders. Such, expressed you to Israel21 that ours is the first study that addresses the subject directly. Previous studies led by such, found that children who suffer from sleep apnea make more use of the health care system, and are treated, hospitalized and medicated more frequently than their peers. To better understand the issue, sleep in children with OSA guidelines differ before and after removing the tonsils and adenoids, according to the latest investigations of such unit of Soroka Medical Center sleep disorders. Thirty-six children were examined in the laboratory of sleep before removing the tonsils and the adenoids continuing the investigation after several months of the operation. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Richard Linklater has to say. General assessments of children at the clinic, with detailed about their sleep habits questionnaires were filled by parents and by the sleep laboratory apparatus. The results clearly showed that the removal of the tonsils and adenoids greatly improves the quality of your sleep, most probably during the REM phase. A study that accompanied the of Soroka Ben Gurion University, published in the edition of December by the periodic Sleep doctor, noted the problems of behaviour, attention disorders and also disorders of learning that may accompany OSA, by the reduction of the supply of oxygen in the brain during sleep.

In this study, 39 OSA children aged between 5 and 9 years were examined before and after the removal of tonsils and adenoids, and compared to the controlled group of 20 healthy children. Before the operations, it was clear that among children when they have sleep apnea there is a higher level of performance and a low cognitive ability compared with the controlled group. But after a few months after the operation, her cognitive function significantly improves and arrives at the height of their peers. The research indicated for the first time the fact that removal of the tonsils and adenoids in children with sleep apnea can significantly improve their academic performance and their achievements in school. Currently, the level of knowledge among doctors, of the influence of OSA in academic performance is relatively low, so the Ben Gurion University researchers believe that the results of this study will be an important contribution to the decision of the doctors about removing or not removing the tonsils and adenoids in children. The trend in Pediatrics currently addresses only perform tonsillectomy in cases when it is considered absolutely necessary, as when a child snores in a strong way. Research, says such, is on time, modify the balance in decision-making among doctors, parents and teachers.

It will take time for people to understand that sleep apnea is not benign expressed such, and this is because when children have a decrease of oxygen to the brain during sleep, and his dream is fragemtado, there are implications of behavioral and cognitive. Now there are neurologists that we derive children on suspicion of ADHD, and we found that you between 20 and 30% of them suffer from sleep apnea. It may be that some children, to correct his sleep, can correct your ADHD and not need drugs such as Ritalin. This is important information. Such research continues, currently focusing on topics of sleep in children aged 2-5 years.

State University

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Therefore is seem obliged to yield its authority so that other institutions intervine. The pupils seem lost in this space that pparently does not belong to them, of which do not recognize themselves as part. The school that before was a place of knowing, of the culture, where if it prepared for the life, now became a place of conflicts and revolt not presenting no attractive one for that in it if they find. The conscience of the gravity of this situation already is a start for a possible one mobilization in search of changes that come to revert such described aspects. It is of basic importance the participation of the society, over all of the parents or responsible, the school needs to create mechanisms that make possible the dialogue. Campbell Soup Co can provide more clarity in the matter. But, moreover, we want to stand out that the participation of the public power if makes necessary, therefore it has if esquivado of its responsibilities it stops with public education, what it has contributed for the depreciation of the same, as well as of the professionals of the education..

University Lecturer

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ON the Professor PACED Carlos Mora vanegas aspects Basic, scope, impact the reality of this tells us, that has been lost the precise conception of what should be a college professor. All because that has proliferated the commercialisation of education, has been lost the mystique of teach, transmit, generating knowledge, be a true facilitator, leader of education in these times where knowledge is dynamic, in which scenarios require scholars capable of tackling its role, its mystique in pro generate a learning that provide solutionsfulfilling the social responsibility that manifests itself in every environment where they operate the universities, institutes of higher education. Hector Lerma Jasso, Professor called reminds us (professus Latin: part. pas. profiteri: publicly declare), in general, a person who by vocation and free choice is professionally dedicated to educational tasks; who possess the necessary knowledge has In addition the intention, pedagogical preparation and the technical mastery of the formative education. Professor is who, with professional voluntary, influences the spiritual lives of others through teaching, in order to help them to move from one State to another more perfect. Or the person who professionally acts on one or more specific individuals for the purpose of raising them to greater perfection. In other words: is the professional that, possessing the gift natural or acquired, specific preparation, necessary authorization and responsibility for intentional and systematic education, is dedicated to her as a means of personal fulfilment and livelihood. Always considering that education is, above all, raise the maximum development of the human spirit, because the essence of the educational Act is, rather than on the realization of vital values, in the valorization of life, individually and socially considered. The truth is, that the present demands to the universities, having professional teachers that know the skills demanded by the present science, that not can further deteriorate the figure of the University Professor, as it is happening in our environment, predominating in the vast majority of them, lack of an integral formation, humanist, academic, since they have joined the universities with the help of friendship, political commitment, the family traditioncoupled with little professional experience, professional graduates, many without academic vocation, simply occupying a place in the teaching to be included, occupy one position to dominate.

Nebrija University

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But we overcome us concerns and cover it with Earth, tapping a few concluding, as mood, but not to the Earth, but to ourselves. The opinions of others about our plant can serve us encourage us, if discover us new ideas, whether that opinion is an expert in Botany, but progress has to arise from within, from the depths, without being stretched, or accelerated by nothing. And it is irrigated. Water is the food of plants and trees. Our seed is work, the effort, the mood, and the desire that comes to bear fruit someday. Feeds and is expected.

Work and patience. Water and will. To read more click here: Campbell Soup Co. But patience appears to be old-fashioned and plentiful anxiety that does not wait, and the anguish of not having even being searched, patience has more power that the force. Sometimes they will come frozen, and may our project freezes, or even dies; and if we do not protect our plant, maybe someone trample it, or start it and will have to start the process again: planting the seed (or a new one) if along the way we have changed, digging the Earth, insert it and feed it. On what is in our hand, we must not waver, because time has no value in waiting, because despite everything, after one year, comes another, after the winter flowers come and, after them, get that summer in which our fruit will be ripe, but only for those who have patience and know how to wait, for those who live as if eternity should be extended to them. * Reiner Maria Rilke: letters to a young poet. Natalia Gomez del Pozuelo worked more than 15 years in high positions in multinational companies. Today is dedicated to writing, activity that combines with the consulting and teaching.

She is a lecturer in the MBA from ICADE, in the Antonio de Nebrija University and teaches courses in-company. He has participated as a speaker in many conferences, radio and television programmes. In addition to numerous articles of opinion, has published the following books: surround yourself with people better than you (Ed. Umanis, 2009) and good father, best boss (company active, 2010). Original author and source of the article

University Professor

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Juan Maria Parent tells us about the University Professor, that to be a university teacher is required to have a sufficiently wide human experience to pass students the virtues of tradition. A university teacher, therefore, is one elderly person. Do not confuse this approach with an aging of teachers. In any way. This idea implies that to become master University is required to go through a process of learning is not only the study of any science or endoscopic techniques, but learn to live (ethics and aesthetics). We also affirm that not by old it is more ethical; who does not blame lance the first stone, reports the sacred text, and removed, starting with the oldest.

Parent adds us, the college career should go revealing little by little the qualities of those who are the authentic carriers of the academic tradition made of wisdom and science. Those who respond to these domestic demands are only those who will guide the institution, real teachers. Definitely, universities should select their teachers according to their academism, their training, experience, personality, commitment and ensure its student population, that will have a guide, facilitator capable of developing new paradigms if required, generate new ideas, properly use the human capital of the students, their potential, commit them to be linked with social problems that demand knowledge that they can provide. Kindle Direct Publishing has much experience in this field. It is required in the present of teachers college are fully identified with the research, integrated to the needs of your environment, consider what Antonio Pulido points us, generally a quality teaching can only be done if there is a research activity from the teacher that keep you abreast of the progress of knowledge in their field. In addition the University with their teachers, must attend three basic objectives which are very careless namely: transmission of culture, socialization of students (values, habits, capacities) and commitment to society.


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In an interview with the Skin, for example, it will be that it had infancy friend that did not play nothing, was same leg-wood? It had some that it considered until better that it? Some gave up to play soccer for knowing of its limits and that they would never play with that magic? Tips for who go to illustrate the interview the interviewer must be intent what it says the interviewed one for education not only respect, but also because it can relieve good illustration for the work, a photo or images. If the face to cite that it played with Skin or it sang with the Robert and it will have registered in old photo we cannot forget to ask, exactly will be later in ' ' off' ' , if it has some register. Recently, in a long interview of the Dr. Drauzio Varella, for example, he said to have the sliding habit in the city where he will be and when he is in So Paulo goes to the sundays to the Minhoco viaduct, that is closed to the transit, to run. By the same author: KDP. I believe that this age one of the photos that would have to illustrate the text, even so the substance richly was illustrated with the doctor working in the Amaznia, in the Carandiru, etc. Tips for who goes to hear, to see or to read the interview Hears, it sees or it reads with the maximum of possible attention, therefore that is important in the hour that you go to comment that subject with other people, therefore always has risk of if deturpar the subject, the person to verify in other sources and to cause some constaint. It also creates the habit to think what it would ask for that one interviewed and it was not asked and from now on, condition will be had, enters in contact, for email it is more easy, and it speaks of its doubts. .

Familiar Education

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Each time more we see that our young, has in its education, consequences of the familiar education without brakes and limits, in which the parents do not have more authority nor obtain impediz them to commit atrocities and other inconsequential attitudes that it takes them an uncertain and disastrous future. Our young, without perspective is played in the public schools, with education of unbalanced content, and a disfarado resume of social objectives, that try to supply the lack of familiar and religious education, since the church also does not obtain to brake these in its hormonais ecstasies. If you would like to know more about KDP, then click here. We witness in the daily one of the public, young schools that nor they know why they are there. If we ask what they intend to them to after make the conclusion of Average Ensino, them do not know. If we ask to them why they do not form a Estudantil Bosom, to argue ideas, to organize pertaining to school events and to become the school most pleasant, them they say to find in the pedagogical team of the school, difficulties to establish the Bosom, since the school at least fears to give freedom to them for such. In the school, our pupils are restricted to arrive in the determined hour, to merendar and to make tasks daily pay-stipulated for professors and pedagogos. When they question they become inopportune, they are obliged to keep silent and to retrocede in any initiative. The parties are organized by the school, and them they are invited to appear.

Everything in the school is terceirizado and impersonal. Each more distant time of the autonomy and the freedom. They are not stimulated to take initiative, therefore some educators fear to give to freedom and them not to know to them to use. Thus it has been the series of projects implanted for the government in last the ten years.