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But we overcome us concerns and cover it with Earth, tapping a few concluding, as mood, but not to the Earth, but to ourselves. The opinions of others about our plant can serve us encourage us, if discover us new ideas, whether that opinion is an expert in Botany, but progress has to arise from within, from the depths, without being stretched, or accelerated by nothing. And it is irrigated. Water is the food of plants and trees. Our seed is work, the effort, the mood, and the desire that comes to bear fruit someday. Feeds and is expected.

Work and patience. Water and will. To read more click here: Campbell Soup Co. But patience appears to be old-fashioned and plentiful anxiety that does not wait, and the anguish of not having even being searched, patience has more power that the force. Sometimes they will come frozen, and may our project freezes, or even dies; and if we do not protect our plant, maybe someone trample it, or start it and will have to start the process again: planting the seed (or a new one) if along the way we have changed, digging the Earth, insert it and feed it. On what is in our hand, we must not waver, because time has no value in waiting, because despite everything, after one year, comes another, after the winter flowers come and, after them, get that summer in which our fruit will be ripe, but only for those who have patience and know how to wait, for those who live as if eternity should be extended to them. * Reiner Maria Rilke: letters to a young poet. Natalia Gomez del Pozuelo worked more than 15 years in high positions in multinational companies. Today is dedicated to writing, activity that combines with the consulting and teaching.

She is a lecturer in the MBA from ICADE, in the Antonio de Nebrija University and teaches courses in-company. He has participated as a speaker in many conferences, radio and television programmes. In addition to numerous articles of opinion, has published the following books: surround yourself with people better than you (Ed. Umanis, 2009) and good father, best boss (company active, 2010). Original author and source of the article

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