Mental Health

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They must count on stream beds for eventual rest. (MS, P.M. 224; 91in AMARANTE, 2001, p.32) Therefore, from the analysis of such documents, we can perceive the great necessity of the Health department to invest in the improvement of these concepts leaving of the evaluation of the existing services already (perhaps, a suggestion) without desconstruir them; to invest in the formation of technician and professionals, searching the qualification of the assistance to the Mental Health in Brazil. Click Campbell Soup Co to learn more. The Centers of Ateno Psicossocial (CAPS) in the present time According to Health department (2004), the CAPS are a device substitute to the psychiatric hospitals and these must be articulated with the net of health services and with other social nets with the objective of if forming other nets in what it says respect to the complexity of the demands of inclusion of the users who possess severe and persistent mental upheavals. In this exactly felt of construction of nets, the CAPS must serve as articuladores in the weaving of the same ones, fulfilling its functions of the assistance and regulating the net enter the health services, offering the work in set with the teams of Health of the Family, matrical support for such teams, counting on the joint of all the existing services among others nets, as for example: partner-sanitary, companies, schools, legal, among others (MINISTRY OF GREETS, 2004). In the same felt of articulador of the nets, also they are functions of the CAPS: to make the local aiming of politics and programs of Mental Health, developing individual therapeutical projects (PTI) and communitarian, excusing medicines, encaminhamentos and accompaniments for users of the therapeutical residential services, visits domiciliary in partnerships with the Communitarian Agents of Health and another professional any of the Health of the Family.. Continue to learn more with: Vladislav Doronin.


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This effectiveness can arrive 80% more than or reduction of the polluting load of the sewers of the residences, and it does not require at least a system of collection of sewers, that is exactly the part most onerous of a system of collection and treatment of sewers. For being a system that to the times badly is conceived, constructed, installed and operated (therefore also it requires a maintenance, even though simple and infrequente), finishes being had as bad example of a system of basic sanitation, when the opposite is truth. Fossas individual can very deal with the sanitary sewers well residences, using little space, and with baixssimo cost, if compared with the proportional cost of great systems sanitation, involving systems of collection and ETEs. Fossas communitarian and biorreatores can take care of the great number of next residences, and until simultaneously supplying to gas kitchens of day-care centers of the quarter or schools. We have good diverse examples in Petrpolis and other cities in Brazil and the whole world. The problems of fossas, of construction or maintenance, also occur in great ETEs, many of which operate very below of the original specifications for its performance, and many times with performance well below of the one of simple, however an efficient one, residential or communitarian system of fossa. Kindle Direct Publishing has much to offer in this field.

On the other hand, the mere removal of the sanitary sewers, through systems of it collects better, even though of what having black ditches the opened sky, still is far from deciding the problem of the sanitary sewers and the consequent pollution in the eventual places of discarding, as rivers, lakes or coastal areas. Fossas residential of low cost, light materials, and easy installation, offers efficient and efficient systems very (taking in account the cost and the performance). Good part of the residential maintenance of one fossa can be carried through by the proper inhabitants, and taking care of to prevent the ousting of chemical products in excess, that could harm the biological functioning of this system, is generally enough to guarantee a good functioning. Very infrequentemente, fossas can need esvaziamento for proper trucks, but nowadays already many natural biological products exist (biological remediadores, in the definition of the norms of the CONAMA), that, if added fossas regularly, they guarantee its good functioning, keeping one biota more efficient and resistant, and reducing the accumulation of silt in deep. Although the natural interest of engineering for great workmanships and projects, is important to recognize that fossas represents a viable alternative, for a system of basic sanitation, and that in many situations they can be a solution much more adjusted, of fast implementation, low cost, and proven effectiveness, in the treatment of sanitary sewers of residences and communities. It is an injustice to tax fossas as systems undesirable, especially considering the reality of Brazil, where, on average, only 36% of the sewer generated in the cities receive some type of treatment. With my commentary, I wait that the Prof.

Pinguelli Luiz, in its future articles and commentaries, and data its prestige and the respect that its arguments command, displays the advantages and the benefits of fossas, especially in communities without collection or treatment of sewer.

Malcolm Gladwell

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“The thesis represents Malcolm Gladwell, whose bestseller high fliers: why some people are successful and others not” has appeared on German. However, the thesis comes not of Gladwell himself, but rather a US neurologist Daniel Levitin of McGill University in Montreal. He raised the so-called 10,000-hour rule when he found out that anyone with a cause at least 10,000 hours must deal, before he possessed the necessary knowledge can include in his area to the top of the world at all. The good news is: you can do for your success everywhere and always, hear, see and learn. At the breakfast table, at work, on the bus, in the bed. Seen in this way, 10,000 hours are not much.

Stop just to muck around your time with dreams and hopes. Start easy. Enjoy every free lesson of life. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Richard Linklater on most websites. Only 8 h per day, and include no later than in three years to the top of the world”in the area of your choice. If this is not Vista 🙂 Mistake no. 4: confuse discipline with dogged determination knowledge, what all champions, and champions of success have in common? You are able to get yourself a Command to give and also to follow this command. Discipline is your ability to mentally to make a decision and actually implement it. Success is not the result of one-time rush action, by continuous discipline.

Before you are now depressed and roll your eyes, read on please! Believe me, you would really miss something! Namely, I do not write about those pointless, frustrating discipline was forced on many of us in our childhood by external authorities. Here is the talk of something else. Of something that can be fun and is pretty sexy. I write of self-made success discipline. The wrong time, suppose you have a clear, sexy target. They have awakened from your children’s dreams and are willing to invest 10,000 hours in your success.


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Young people occupied the University.It has always been so and is by many years trend will continue equal. But for a time this part people with canes appeared through the corridors. Older people who retired had decided to do what they did when they were young, either because they could not, either because the circumstances were different… Educate yourself with thoughts from Campbell Soup Co. Also began to appear middle-aged, active laboralmenteya who sought more competitive haerse and studying a race could get it… Go to the auniversidad all mixed have their good things but also their bad things.However, registrations have increased in the faculties. There is a very simple explanation.The use of new technologies is also widespread and many people opt to do so, through the University at distance.This solution has been a great discovery for many.

People of advanced age who want to study but displacement that an obstacle difficult to sobrevenirPara many workers the University schedules are completely incompatible with their workday.With the universidad a distancia loses contact with people…But in return offers other possibilities than adults them copensa because his life is already organized to the rededor of a trbajo or a family and balance schedules is not a sencillHacer group work task already it will not be the same with the internet. Visit Campbell Soup Co for more clarity on the issue. Now you can use technologies to keep us conectadosLa way to study also changes. Evaluations are not left to the end matter to accumulate throughout the year. The continuous evauaciones are imposed as a mechanism. Students spend the hours of study to create convenient and organized their planings as els appropriate. To study a race distance most importantly have motivation and desire.


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This is one reason that migrants, who long to live in Germany or were born here, the food, risk, health, and social behavior of the locals adapt. On the other hand many of the people in this age group in the course of the recruitment of foreign workers “after Germany immigrated and practiced outweigh heavy physical activities out. On average, the activities of migrants exhibit an increased accident risk, what has a greater disability than with the Germans to the result. So Turkish workers are affected for example disproportionately by early retirement and disability. The morbidity of the two groups differs also striking. Migrants often suffer from bacterial diseases and infectious diseases, such as tuberculosis, as Germans.

Explanations for this offer the environmental and living conditions Countries of origin. In addition to the health burden, migrants are also often affected economic and social strains that adversely affect their health with increasing stay. Of cardiovascular disease occurring often in German and cancer, however, rarely occur when migrants. Here too, the eating habits of the country of origin play a role again. Following table shows the incidence of tuberculosis in the comparison. Information needed for migrants in the public health sector negative affects the low take-up of public health on the health of migrants. Occupational diseases take the immigrant was rarely medical rehabilitation services.

Also they seek rescue places instead of general practitioners more often and this increasingly in the evenings and most weekends. The use of prevention services, as well as ambulatory care services is also low when migrants compared to Germans. Although there is a different cultural understanding of health and disease, the low Use is mainly a result of the difficult access to the services. Migrants are insufficiently informed and have problems in the communication and understanding. Young migrants use not the full offer. With regard to dental health checkups and vaccination be drawn below average. Means for the support of social systems alleviates this that there is a need for education and access for migrants must be. Best practice: Improving home-based care of Turkish migrants Bielefeld University carried out by 2007 a project for a period of three years, which should improve the self-management of Turkish care and nurturing. Goal was to dismantle it information deficits and barriers in the field of conservation. The Turkish care using an algorithm of name have been identified and contacted. Then the carers could meet regularly with trained health mediators. This could the participants exchange their specific care experiences and information in their mother tongue. The project had a higher autonomy and quality of life in the Turkish care and support of caring people to the result. “Advice to the intercultural orientation to the topics of health care” and need for care “of migrants, the imap Institute offers support for health projects. The offer includes the implementation of health conferences, workshops for migrants as well as the creation of health signs.