Communicative Approach

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This approach is an implementation of this method of learning, which is carried out in an orderly, systematic and vzaimosootnesennoe teaching a foreign language as a medium in simulated (playing) in the classroom speech activity – an essential and integral part of the total (extra-) activity. Communicative approach involves a complete and optimal systematization of the relationships between components of the training content. These include the overall system (eg, extra-, and pedagogical) activity, the system of speech activity, the system of speech communication (communication, interaction and mutual perceptions), the system under study a foreign language, the system correlation of native and foreign languages (they consciously comparative analysis), the system of speech mechanisms (Recheporozhdenie, speech perception, speech interaction, etc.), the text as a system of speech products, the system of structural and verbal formations (dialogue, monologue, a monologue in a dialogue, different types of speech utterances and messages, etc. etc.), the system (process) to master a foreign language, the system (structure) of verbal behavior. As a result of this approach in learning is formed and implemented a system of foreign language knowledge as means of communication in the broadest sense of the word. Such a system, given its use for learning a foreign language, and trainees must include vzaimosootnesenie obschedeyatelnostnyh motives with motives and needs associated communication; subject content and methods of implementation activities; typical conditions of its occurrence and the nature of the interaction of its members (interindividual, group), and determining the nature, content and forms of relationships and communication between participants, taken within this activity: the unity of their communicative and interactive way, and perceptual aspects, roles, places, areas and situations foreign language speech communication.

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