Educational Philosophy

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This is one of the directions, in my opinion, of the philosophy of the education. With all these gone and comings of the philosophy in the resume, we have that to give more attention in what it is studied today in philosophy. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of David G. DeWalt on most websites. The philosophy is freely placed as a tool that will be really useful to the pupil and later to the citizen, or as substance to be a only fulfilled and that it only places citations of philosophers of the past, with texts and phrases that many times do not despertam nothing in the pupils? Much impresses me the pupils of nowadays – I include myself in this generation? that he does not have active voice, that they accept to everything been silent and they do not react to the diverse forms of submission imposed by the capitalist system. leas, is well important that if it says that we have that to face the capitalism, after all, it this and came there to be, or somebody still has some hope of that the socialism still goes to reign. The young contemporary, in its majority, not this nor there for this question, therefore, had taken off alternative it to it of the least to question this. How many of us already we witness young with the t-shirt printed with the face of Che Guevara, and at the same time with an American tennis in the foot, or eating in an American net of fast food. They do not know, therefore, that picture symbolizes all a generation that fought for ideals, that were against the American and capitalist imperialism. This I believe to be the paper of the questionadora and illuminant philosophy while of our mind pensante. However, it is difficult to speak of pensantes minds when coming across with the mentally ill and bitolada mass in the great medias. The people hear same musics, attend the same films and until they dress the same clothes.

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