Foundation Stone Laid For The New DATACENTER Rhein-Neckar

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Foundation stone laid for the new DATACENTER Rhein-Neckar of the PFALZKOM MANET in the mother city of Ludwigshafen, Germany, Mutterstadt 18.03.2010 – the telecommunications company PFALZKOM MANET lays the foundation stone for a new high-speed data center security in Mutterstadt today together with the PFALZWERKE Aktiengesellschaft. Investment for the region until the fall of 2010 the telecommunications provider builds a new 1000 m large datacenter in the mother city. Medium-sized companies that can secured to outsource business-critical systems and applications – without huge own investments and with optimal energy supply. Especially medium-sized companies enter currently ever greater risks, because they often no longer can handle the requirements and laws for a secure IT under its own power. New standards in terms of high availability and reliability of data centers with minimal environmental impact, we can IT infrastructure at the highest level with the realization of this million investment and the consequent use of energy-saving technologies put”, explains Uwe Burre, Managing Director commercial area of PFALZKOM MANET. The mother city of the site offers a power advantage that only a few providers can offer. The power supply over two different voltage levels directly from the Pfalzwerke – substation provides a unique energetic high availability.

The DATACENTER is best positioned now for future requirements and supplied.”Gunther Koch, Member of the Board of the Pfalzwerke adds. A sophisticated system where elementary components such as power supply, air-conditioning and fire extinguishing systems are fail-safe and compatible matched, will provide maximum energy efficiency and not only allow SMEs to outsource IT areas and processes, but at the same time to reduce IT costs and free capital. Data Center planned according to TIER III is therefore intended for the claims by companies which data and processes need to ready for use are available around the clock. There are also international companies from the region with the service of such high-tech data center in the location, to give their employees time – and location-independent access to internal company processes. We are very proud with this new data center of demand for managed IT infrastructure services in the region to meet”, as Jurgen Beyer, technical director of PFALZKOM MANET. Competent partner with the commissioning of the proRZ data center GmbH the company relies on a professional partnership: the proRZ has an experienced team of engineers, architects, engineers and businessmen specializing in the vendor-independent general contractor from data centers and server rooms.

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