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Mejia arrived and with a firm voice told Lie Daughter, take off your bathing suit and now you put it back! … Atiendala doctor, "he said, I placed my index and middle fingers in the vagina review and addressing the teacher said expansion is 8!, the teacher did not verify this information now! – he said you called the palaces serving the OB and ordered the Dr. Parker will attend the patient, is with 8 … Prepare the delivery room! And he went with other students caused me to run behind them, obstetrician with the patient entered the bed and told me anything I called and left and there I was … If you have read about Gerald Weissmann, MD already – you may have come to the same conclusion. just before my first patient, which in turn was his first birth, ie the two first-God!, after a while Emiliano came and found me with gloves examining the patient and asked me anything Nothing ?… buddy! "I said took me a while then was closed because the Hall University-cursabamos the last year of the race- , went 1, 2, 3 and 4 hours and nothing, the patient fell asleep I wanted to do the same, the OB was conspicuous by its absence, and now what do I do? "he asked, according to my calculations had six new expansion at this time … Obviously I was wrong! And so we continue looking at the faces, I listened to the beats and well, I changed my gloves three times … I took a liter of water and just like at 7 pm, following the natural course Childbirth, leaned her head, I dilated perineum, infiltrate Xylocaine, gave him water and pushing and I do not know how …

The baby came out! After episiotomy … I received great amid shouts and I gave the prisoner of Pediatrics, at 9 pm I finished the episiotomy to 11 pm I sent a friend to see it first to see if she was alive and second to see if the suture was well done, my friend went back and told me the patient is alive and is quiet! … Thank God! … midwife promised he would never … Never? .

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