How Hard A Duel

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Since receiving the news of the death of a loved until it assimilates and accepts, last time, all persons affected by the death of a person next go through different phases; they are stages of grief. It must pass and overcome different moments of pain, although not always stages occur in the same order. In any case, and although a disease we have made become aware gradually loss, most psychologists estimate that until there is actual death, it is very difficult to begin the experience of mourning. Phases of the duel 1. Bewilderment and disbelief is the first reaction to the news: this is not happening to my. It is the denial of reality, a departure from the fact to try to alleviate the effects of the event. 2 Deep sadness and aggressiveness are produced reactions of anger and discontent, even to those who surround them, anguished by being the protagonist of a disgrace. 3 Despair and depression with apathy, sadness and fragility, us we are making to the idea of a loss irreversible.

It is the silent resignation. 4 Acceptance and peace will be reappearing the need to focus on daily activities, be open to social relations. However, never returns to the State prior to the loss. Duration of the duel all losses require this process, that has a duration ranging between 6 months and 2 years, approximately, depending on several factors: the degree or importance of the relationship. Social support. A person who has friends or relatives who want him and understand him, with those who feel supported and understood, will be more easily to cushion the pain. Personality. There are people who feel things, both the joys and the sorrows in a very intense way, while others have greater containment.

In the same way, there are those who have greater ease to deepen ongoing catastrophic thoughts, deeper into the spiral of pain. Confidence and self-esteem. A high level of self-esteem or confidence will help us to not have self-destructive thoughts or of catastrophic events. Of the way to deal with problems. Many people are able to assess the situation and find emotional support.

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