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The ideological devices of the State: the school and the unconscious didactic book In collective the school occupy a transforming function; for the society, the school is the only passport that makes in them to alar of classroom, that is the only door for where we can leave the subordinate condition, for dominador condition; however, what it is not perceived, in this context, it is the true paper or function of this institution inside of the society that is the maintenance, the access to the existence conditions, what Karl Marx flame of social structure, or the all social one. Institution that is completely on to the ruling classes, the school imposes on the individuals of the dominated classrooms, the ideology of the dominadoras classrooms, being thus, main responsible for the structure of the estratificada society that Marx presents, where the base, or sustentation, is represented for the dominated classrooms and the ceiling, or the supported one, is the dominadoras classrooms. It is of this form that happens the domination, the orders, or the ideology comes from top to bottom, of the ruling classes for the dominated classrooms. Of this form as the school it fulfills its paper as mantenedora institution of the social order? Through its practical and ideologies that much are confused (or she is the same one) with the one of the ruling classes. society is a building formed in parts. As it suggests Althusser (1996), this building is divided in two parts, that it, paraphrasing Marx, presents the social classes as infrastructure and superstructure, where infrastructure is the base and the superstructure, the ceiling. It is by means of an analysis on this social structure, that is evidentes the dominador power, the symbolic oppression and the domain that the dominant groups have on the dominated groups. As Althusser (P.111) the State is a repressora machine, that Karl Marx nominates for device of State.

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