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Start learning English can be three years. At this age the child already has the vocabulary in their native language, knows the names of vegetables, fruits, animals, basic colors, can count to ten. In studies kids should definitely include phonetic exercises to immediately put the correct pronunciation. This is also done in a playful way. In addition, the exercises should be given to the development of fine motor finger – this is it develops and prepares kids for hand writing.

It could be painting circled by contour modeling and application. In order to effect the lessons was, the kids have to deal with the English language at least three times a week, and with five years can be twice a week. Film director shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. If English is good, like a baby, you can increase the number of hours. Do not wait for the results from children immediately, especially during the first month of employment. Babies absorb everything like a sponge, but the return is not immediately begins.

Some simply shy and only a few months later revealed how much they actually know. A few tips roditelyamNe try to teach the child yourself, if you do not speak a foreign language at high level. Then will be hard to retrain. If your child is engaged in the English language in the garden, do not bind it too much hope. As a rule, language in the garden do haphazardly, more for fun. Be sure to check your level of professional English teachers. Talk to the teacher, visit a lesson. If classes are held in Russian, if all children lesson sitting at the table and play – from the lessons of such little value. A good teacher in the classroom in English with the kids necessarily alternate activities: outdoor games, exercises for fingers and tongue, songs. See what the literature uses your teacher – if there is additional material – CDs, cards and toys. Find out what the teacher is going to give this year, next year – a serious teacher must have a plan. In short, the best advice – give the kid a good professional hands.

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