Meditation Benefits

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The first seminar I attended, the spiritual intelligence that took place in March 2007, I began to integrate what they learned in the first half, was when I realized the importance of spirituality and I began to see it as a fundamental part of my daily life, I learned to conceive of meditation as a process essential to achieve peace of mind, control of emotions, self-awareness and equanimity. I practiced meditation, initially, as the first we were taught, was the abstract meditation by breathing support, with this practice could pacify the mind, begin to remain calm when necessary, speak slower, think before you speak, be more observant, sleep better and understand others. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of film director on most websites. From this seminar I began to understand that spiritual intelligence is that he needs the millions of people who inhabit the earth, for before this seminar, I thought that what people needed was emotional intelligence, social and aesthetics, before this, I had not made aware that spiritual intelligence integrates and transcends all kinds of intelligence, the latter is the only one that will allow us to be happy and the only land that will enable such survive predation and existential crisis experienced by millions of human beings. In my meditation practice, I could tell that at the beginning I had trouble concentrating, breathing and support, helped me clear my mind, as was compassionate, I could see in every human being to be worthy of respect, compassion and love, and what is more important to recognize in each, to a divine being who is in a process of evolution, made of the same nature that each and which like many is in a constant search for happiness.

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