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Moisture in my body, my senses Ecstasy intangible, provocable fertility. Two bodies, yours and mine, facing each other exalting words many because now everything has been said, because us bastamos with looks, sometimes thinking we us enough. Everything has been said, he felt everything and it seems that we we are not step on the infinite line. Because time does not pass between you and I, because the words are not what for others, because my tears only you understand them and you will continue to do so, only while want because your heart is mine and mine yours. Tonight it exists within thousands. Tonight is perpetually repeated inside my making me beat, making me happy, and at the same time, ruining me every moment because nothing beats it. My gaze continues traveling and when I find this button my tears do not stop running, because after so much maybe you can die. History will never say end.

Two energies that are pulled and do not avoid it, do not want to avoid and can not. Come here! It catches my gaze without looking at it. Absorb it without touching it, which surely you know of memory and you still not wanting to explanation. Two bodies, one facing each other without see or feel. It is not thing of skin is that you belong to me, is that I belong to you. Love just is. V. original author and source of the article.

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