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These qualities are constituent of the ethical field and are inherent to the capacity of discernment of the human being, that is, to make judgment of values. The displayed subject leads to reflect that the professor of disciplines Philosophy, in the exercise of its function, must be armed with these qualities, which in them seem to be indispensable to establish didactic-pedagogical procedures, that make possible good relation with its pupils, and with all the pertaining to school community. According to Freire (1996), the practical professor is a dynamic, dialtico movement, between making and thinking, on what making. With this, in its formation, professor, in special of disciplines Philosophy that acts in the public schools of So Paulo, must assume that certain thinking that surpasses the ingenuous has that to be produced by the proper apprentice in communion with the formador professor. One of the conceptions contemporary of education he is based on a school that not only teaches, but that also it learns. On the formation and the practical professor of learning while Freire is taught (Idem) designates that its ‘ ‘ distanciamento’ ‘ epistemolgico of practical, while the object of its analysis, must of it ‘ ‘ aproxim-lo’ ‘ to the maximum. For this author the practical one of certain thinking implies the respect in relation when knowing ingenuous of the pupil. One to know that it is part of its reality, of that conception of world that the fence, and that excites a problem, that joined to the underlying content, it results in one to know more significant. Thus, it is learned with them; while it is taught, it is systemize what it is learned and one returned they one to know more to it and better constructed.

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