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The objective of the article consists of standing out the importance of psicopedagogo in the school. The Psicopedagogia consists, the principle in a composition of two to know – psychology and pedagogia, therefore it is about a science that studies the learning process human being, being its object of study the being in construction process and reconstruction of the knowledge. Each time more makes necessary to insert psicopedagogo in institution pertaining to school, since its paper is to analyze and to designate the factors that favor, intervines or harms a good learning in an institution. The paper of the Psicopedagogia and the Education is to institute ways between the opposites that binds knowing and not to know and these actions they must happen in the scope of the individual, of the group, of the institution and the community, aiming at the learning and, therefore, is also task of the Psicopedagogia. Word-key: learning, pertaining to school institution, psicopedagogo.

1. INTRODUCTION The present study it is centered in the contribution of psicopedagogo in the pertaining to school context, that is, by means of an performance differentiated and pautada in the formation of the citizen of one it forms global. In this process of search and reflection an important investigation becomes necessary: Which is the real paper of psicopedagogo in the pertaining to school context? Of this form, to reflect critically on the relevance of psicopedagogo inside of an institution in the awaken one for the necessity of if searching an education of conscientious quality and of that the children learn of distinct forms and that a work differentiated in each pertaining to school unit with the pupils becomes necessary who present serious difficulties of learning when elapsing of the Basic Education.

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