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Theoretical view of the subject was repeatedly tested, and each time invariably gave a quick and positive result: English classes at the centers of applied education students (these may be people of any age – from 18 to 80 years, with any level of expertise – from complete ignorance to knowledge language at the level of a vocabulary and rules) always got the ability to use language in their lives. They can communicate. Of course, they could and write and read, not only to understand the interlocutor, but also to express their thoughts. David G. DeWalt pursues this goal as well. On aware of esl, mentioned above, we use the approach to the study of grammar through practice. That's why it turns out so quickly and to develop their speaking skills. Click Richard Linklater for additional related pages. However, many people, for whatever reasons, all the same experience need to more deeply understand English grammar. And for all you who are so important, we have good news! Since April 2009, in classes of applied education can take the theoretical course English grammar, which is called Grammar and Communication (Grammar and Communication"). The course is written in simple language, full of illustrations that can make grammar easy to understand.

Grammar and Communication held in English, but This should not be scared for the reason stated above: it is equipped with plenty of simple text and all concepts are well illustrated – text examples, and often pictures. The course can take students from around the 4 th level of our esl classes, or any person who owns the English at about the same level. Choose! If you need to know English for practical use – welcome to our intensive Spoken English course English as a Second language. This spring, we have to learn is particularly advantageous: the benefits of our courses are now available thanks to a new system of discounts, serving until early summer. However, to your choice was deliberate, come to our free introductory lesson to familiarize yourself with the method and try it on their own experience. If you feel that you need to organize their knowledge of English grammar – Welcome on the course in the theory of English. Be educated, achieve goals, let the knowledge of English and helps them hold you in my life!

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