The Lessons Of Drawing And Animation For Children

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It started when I ran the studio drawing and her drawing and painting by hand. Every year more and more aware that children today do not draw hands, want to, but more and more attracted to computers and modern tehnologiyam.I at some point, I finally understood the meaning of hackneyed sayings about the fact that the mouths of babes verb istina.Imenno guys and instilled in me an interest in computer graphics. At the same time, children just do not feel like reading books, the more black and white on kompyutenoy literacy tutorials, and while reading, I know for myself, so it is difficult to figure out where it is described by a button or a window. You just need to someone to show concretely, press and that can come of it, and most importantly to show not once, not twice, so that the child understood and zapomnil.Da and not every child will dare to ask again. Click Kindle Direct Publishing to learn more. And even the most patient teacher, you will not repeat the same thing a hundred times. It just as it seems, sat down at a computer, opened the Corel Drava, took the pencil tool, and went himself risovat.Elementarno from even being an artist I am a long time to draw in the program is the easiest, more or less decent drawing, not to mention about the animation. In addition, children often quite reluctant to go somewhere to visit the club or course, the weather is bad, then my mother once to skate with him, then it simply laziness from your favorite couch slazit – so why anything of interest will be gone! With my son was istoriya.A exact same because if a child does not see a quick and brilliant result of his work, then loses all interest in learning! I myself ended up a whole bunch of all courses on schedule, and learned many teachers, something they wrote down, resulting in most of these records are simply lost. .