The Second

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The indicators in this case was just not. Go to Vladislav Doronin for more information. alumni, no. graduates, no. social service providers, no. of preventive maintenance, no. corrective maintenance, no. teacher training courses, no. of hours trained, etc.., all focused on numbers, but then who ensures that these courses have been selected and performed to a significant learning or graduate students who now have full development to be, etc.., from this context may never know, because this object-oriented.

Ultimately quality is bureaucratized all administrative processes, establishing standardized methodology to carry them out. Document everything achieved since its parameters is essential to show that if there is quality in the school. Furthermore this integrity, which is to bring to schools all factors features mentioned and described above are typical of holistic education, so I can say that is oriented to be based on qualitative aspects. It is located on the left side of the cosmos. As part of the subjective and inter-subjective being your test of courage, truthfulness, sincerity, integrity, honesty in the first case being in the infield single and righteousness, cultural adjustment, mutual understanding, justice in the case of the second within the infield group. When you have completed the process of differentiation and continue with integration, resulting in holistic education. In which the teacher plays a central role to be performed above explains everything. There is a code of ethics for holistic educators to meet each of you in the set, the significant comprehensive education will be present at the same time. This code of ethics, is summarized in fifteen principles that Dr.

Yoga And Its Benefits

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This step is difficult because emotions do not spill over the environment or cause personal damage. Therein lies much of the emotional problems: can we express emotions like fear, violence or anger without hurting yourself and not hurt others? The healthy expression of emotions involves finding a space where we can live in good conscience let that one has to live. By remaining a witness (drashta yoga) of emotion, it has a chance to tame it, to demystify and make one with it. The method of Satyananda Yoga offers techniques are very valuable, and yoga, to learn to watch the excitement unfold while remaining aware and sufficiently detached. View site Satyananda Yoga: Emotions in children One of the main dangers is the accumulation of emotions.

This may hinder the development of children for their entire lives! The child is literally forced to repress his emotions in circles he frequents, family and school. When he was told: “Do not make noise” or “Be quiet” or even “The boys should not cry” or “Go play, I do not time ‘what can he do in relation to himself knowing that his nature is to be connected and in motion? Children should be able to speak in the most natural to them, talking, yelling, crying, running, angry violence that occur among young people would it not an inevitable consequence of these multiple repressions they live day by day. However, children have their the antidote to their own excesses, he would ask them what they would do good. Filed under: David G. DeWalt.

Most often, they give the best answer ever! Education should make a place at an early age to an appropriate expression and conscious emotions. “emotional elimination is as important as the physical removal. Education should teach us to manage emotions without the fly, as we learn to control our sphincters. We teach the child not to urinate anywhere, but we preventing that do not urinate, because the consequences would be fatal. “(Beatrice Bellis). See the website on yoga for children: emotional richness Emotions are at heart of life and wealth that everyone can express as a human being. Therefore, the repression of emotions is so damaging. When you’re grown up, the reflexes are well anchored and the work of liberation is difficult. Love is the highest emotion with compassion. It is with the emotion of love that we learn everything we need to know in life. And it is most often love that we manage to overcome, to open ourselves to another, to the different, to offer the best of ourselves.