University Pleasure

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The desire of pleasures determines the entire course of our lives, all the joys and sufferings. Failed to achieve the desired – we are upset, but successful attempt to the contrary, increases our vitality. Without a bottom vertex of happiness – that feeling overwhelms us at the time of the meeting of desire and its fulfillment. ‘Stop a moment! ” – Delighted we shout, but not far from it.

Each time the same story: before you know, and there is no happiness – vanished like smoke. ‘In our lives, only two tragedies. One – is when you do not get what you want, and another – when you get. The second is worse, because this is truly a tragedy. ” The author of this statement – Oscar Wilde. And how right he was! We can dream for years about a luxury car, but it is worth to realize a dream, and the pleasure begins to dissipate in direct proportion mileage. Such is the fate of each of the desires. Truly, a man – a bottomless pit.

Richard Easterlin of the University of Southern California says’ hedonic cycle ‘:’ We very quickly get used to happiness, and accept it granted or compare with what others have and not with what we had before. ” As a result, we are happy does not happen hardly ever. Pleasures of this world only to inflame us, leaving in the end with nothing. Today it is for anybody not a secret. What’s the solution? Continually changing source of pleasure? Or change ourselves? The secret of happiness Kabbalists explain that the nature of targeted leads people to perfection, fortunately without end. The secret of happiness laid in the inner transfiguration: ‘Enjoyment for himself’ is replaced by “pleasure for the sake of passing.” Do not worry, it’s not scholasticism and notation. The very nature gives us a great example: look how Mother enjoys the happiness of their children. Only love lets people transfer all their hopes on the favorite. His short summary of what is happiness? Pleasure that fills our desire. What’s the problem? Our desire impossible to satisfy, at least for the long term. Once it is filled, pleasure disappears. What is the solution? Enjoy filling their own desires, and desires of one’s neighbor. If we want to fill each other’s delight, everyone will feel happy. How does it work? Exactly the same as that of a loving mother or passionate lovers. I want to fill another delight, and he’s ready to take a delight, knowing that by doing so give me pleasure. Together we create an infinite system of benefits, receipt, and happiness no longer slips out of our hands. That is what explains the Kabbalah. It teaches us to receive pleasure, to which no end or edge. Thus, happiness is not playing hide and seek with us. It stands on the mind and impatiently glancing at his watch. Date scheduled. Late simply indecent.