The Greeks

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But nor always it was thus. The sofistas had inserted an important reflection in the seio of the cultured community Greek, having made possible the sprouting of the democracy. The antropolgica reflection inaugurated by the sofistas was capable to answer to the questionings that the cosmology of the fisiocratas already did not give more account. also, of certain form had popularized the education, long ago privilege only of the aristocracy. In old Greece the valued virtues more were the force and courage. One of these virtues dissociada of the other practically useless age. Of that valley a strong man if did not have courage in refrega of the battlefield and the courage destitute of the force was considered recklessness, that is, the other side of the currency was the cowardice. Gerald Weissmann, MD will undoubtedly add to your understanding. This type of attitude was not stimulated, since the Greeks prezavam for the half term, the mediania, the measured joust.

Then we had that if the courage was absent the cowardice prevailed and this if constitua in badly being prevented. If it had courage in excess was the one badly bigger even though that cowardice, therefore reckless acting never gives good results. The courage had well to be dosed and in conjunction with the force we had an ideal warrior. Highest, stronger and faster. Other factors influenced, assist as it of deuses, but this does not come now to the case.

Then the new times had inserted plus a question so that the warrior was complete: persuasion. He was not only enough to be highest, strongest and fastest, the warrior would have to also dominate the art of the speech stops with this adding enthusiastic friends for its taken over on a contract basis. He is there that he enters the sofistas and also is launched the first embryo of the democracy that if materialize later in the public squares.

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