Tips For Learning English

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Steps 1. Needed to purchase basic English skills and listening. 2. At least one hour a day listening to select the texts in English, for example: news (BBC), radio (NPR, Radio Four), songs (listening), movies. Naturally in the beginning you will not understand much about what was going on, but it will help you get used to the intonation and pronunciation speed. And even without grasping the details of the conversation, you'll understand what is at stake.

3. Reading, English texts need to spend 2-3 hours a day. So you'll build your vocabulary, phrases, expressions. Regular reading of books in English, in the future will save much time and effort on vocabulary. Desirable read aloud to hone pronunciation.

4. For proper communication in English, to learn the phonetic alphabet – it will help you put the correct intonation and pronunciation. 5. Skills gained from hearing and Reading is better to use in correspondence with friends in English. It will also improve writing skills. 6. Make friends with a foreigner. Well listen to him and ask more questions in order to maintain a conversation. The questions try to respond as fully as possible, explaining the reasons, not just "yes" or "no." 7. Always take an English-Russian dictionary. When encountering unfamiliar words, just looking for translations in the dictionary. 8. Newly learned words to later repeat several times, otherwise you'll forget them after a couple of days. 9. Try to think in English. This will help you easier to have hearing and speaking it. 10. For the opportunity to study the culture of English-speaking countries. 11. Sometimes write small dictation in English, and compared with the original. 12. Do not stop to practice English, learn something new. English as a plant, it needs to be regularly "water" and "nurture". Otherwise it just "Usohnet" in your memory.

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