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yConoces your students? yHas walked hand in the paths of their dreams? yTe found when knocked on your door, urged by despair, or driven by the longing to share their difficulties with someone? YLE said yes when I asked for some time to pour into his life some of your wisdom or your infinite capacity to give affection? yReconoces it a transit passenger to glory or consider one more in the long procession of men without hope is directed toward the horizon hopelessly confused of anonymity? yConsideras your work as a challenge to your ability every day makes the master or judge as a freak accident in your life? yDisfrutas with questions that can not find an answer or feel frustrated when you feel that those people who intend to teach can learn more than you? Yves in each event in the history an opportunity to learn and to teach a lesson? yTomas all eyes reading teacher and read while you think about way they apply to your students? yAnoras your everyday space of the classroom, laboratory and class when you're dedicated to other tasks? yEstarias willing to decline any tempting offer if it meant you give your disciples? andis ready to build new worlds each day where love of neighbor is not a fantasy and the welfare of the people are not just imaginary? and devise in the human race and its infinite potential to improve and close to perfection? your and your faith is enough to believe you can construct seemingly impossible worlds where love prevails over hatred, the bitterness and affection on the appreciation of the resentment? yHas thought if your hands and in your classes all the power of transformation that has been wanting for years and which held accountable to others? yTe like wrinkled face who tells you without words that have not yet grasped what you say? yTe glad when you confronted? yTe feel grateful to you who says error? yFelicitas with enthusiasm and caution wisely? yValoras the friendship of those who differ from your opinions? andis willing to go the dark world of ignorance to arrive at the port clear of wisdom? yVibras with your classes? yAprendes twice what you teach? yTe deliveries wholly and unreservedly in every act of teaching? yTe feel privileged to transform naive innocent minds and hearts at extraordinary beings willing to write their own history in golden pages? measured yHas your fortune in all the knowledge you have discovered and shared with others? yTe feel grateful to God and life constituirte an architect of the most important events of your space and your time? andis convinced that yours, good teacher is the best profession in the world? BY: ALEJANDRO MARTiNEZ RUTTO.

Independent Community

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This one is the best way to have all the possibilities of obtaining a scholarship at the time college student. Because the scholarships are after all a recognition to a previous trajectory, and the potentiality of an excellent professional race. For that reason they grant those students who from children come aiming high. It is a way to indirectly benefit the possibilities from development of all the society, when awarding to the privileged minds and offering all the possible facilities to them. If we are one of these privileged people, to what type of aid we can choose? We have scholarships from access to the university, to surpass the first cycle, and later collaboration scholarships, that already are for students who begin the second cycle of university studies. In all of them the academic certification with a determined average note is requested like basic documentation, as well as not to surpass certain level of rent. It is important to observe the general information and the requirements of forced fulfillment. The university scholarships can be granted to study inside or outside the Independent Community where it is resided.

Based on the particularitities of the scholar, it will grant a quantity to him, that can include the residence, the didactic material, displacements, etc. This way the address and the university enclosure, and everything consider from factors of distance between what the lodging in these cases can cost. Also the expenses of matriculation and books are considered, as well as the didactic material that the scholarship holder needs to attend the studies, can even be included the grant of expenses that the accomplishment of the project of course aim generates. Really, the total quantity studies in each particular case.

Logical Games

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Therefore, a primordial factor for adequate use of the playful one in the Infantile Education is the performance of the educator, being this professional the responsible one for stimulating the learning and developing the activities of pleasant and dynamic form, thus stimulating the child not to be only one receiver of knowledge, but a generator of its proper concepts, developing being critical and exercising its personal autonomy with responsibility to interact in the way where it lives. Therefore this Psicopedaggico advising comes to sugestionar the implantation of games, tricks always working the playful one. The games can exert cognitivas, affective and social functions (they follow the development of the humanity). Each game contains and exercises all aspects (cognitivos, affective and social) e, in accordance with the predominance, can be classified as: Logical games: they develop the reasoning. Affective games: they stimulate the emotions. Social games: it facilitates the acquisition of knowledge, attitudes and proper dexterities of one determined half. The development of the child happens through the playful one. It it needs to play to grow.

According to Piaget (1990), the way of the child, a child who dominates the world that the fence is the child who if strengthens to act in this world. For in such a way, it uses substitute objects which confer different meanings of that if normally they possess. The symbolic toy and the thought are separate of objects and the action appears of the ideas then of the things (VIGOTSKY, 1991, p28.) ' '. Today the image of infancy is enriched also, as aid of psychological and pedagogical conceptions, that recognize the paper of the toy and tricks in the development and the construction of the infantile knowledge ' ' (KISHIMOTO; 1999, p.21) the direction of the life of a child is the trick. When playing it reproduces concrete situations placing itself in the paper of the adults, this reflects in the imitation attitude, therefore she tries to understand its behavior.

How To Increase Height

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There are a lot of people, that ansian be a few centimetres more high once they have reached some level of growth and it is almost an obsession paraellos the increase in stature. It is possible to find some treatments and medications to increase your height so that they can feel more satisfied. Alluding to the recommendations of endocrinologists who have tried to establish serious scientific parameters that determine the patterns of growth of a person, you have could apparently set some special conditions that can make someone may indeed have that longitudinal extent requires. In the society in which we live, where it seems that the outward appearance marks our chances of success in life, is not surprising that many people are obsessed with their height and seek how to increase height. To satisfy those who are not happy with your size, a new system of aesthetic medicine allows to grow between 2 and 6 inches without going under the knife.You can increase the height of people injecting in Macrolane heel, a material of long duration (from 12 to 18 months), or Bioalcamid, when permanent effects are desired.In reality the technique is simple: after local anesthesia of the foot, the prosthesis is injected pad that, depending on the amount of inserted material, may increase between two and four inches and dismetrias (tips of different sizes) up to six centimeters in height. After several sessions of increase in thickness are necessary to grow slowly (for a second session or successive must wait three to four weeks). Each session requires approximately 30 minutes and requires no back rest. Source: But there are more most of us has the potential to be 5-10 Cms high.The main problem in our current society, in addition to those already known, is the distrust, the doubt eternal disbelief of the other.This kind of thinking keeps us more and more of our potential to evolve as species grow inwardly and not only physically.Some people come to remove him to the problem of height the importance that truly has a modern and civilized society. But paradoxically, the majority of people who think that way are people of high or medium stature. Original author and source of the article

Mario Pastorini Mahler Co

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When a person makes you know how special you are to her, what more can you say is: this person, you feel a special attraction to me, which says nothing about me as a person. At the moment in which you accept the compliment you’ve given that person control over you. You constantly temeras to know someone else who feels very special and will make you lose the privileged position you occupy in your life. Thus, life will pass by you and not you for life, so you’ve lost your freedom. Or: you’ve got to rely on her to be happy, because you’ve taken your happiness depend on her judgment about you.

But, you can still worsen things making you find other people who tell you how special you are to them and investing a lot of time and energies to make sure that they will never change the image they have of you. What way of living more stressful! Suddenly, fear makes an appearance in your life; fear that the image is destroyed. But, if you are looking for is the boldness and freedom you have to get rid of that fear. How? Taking as valid a Te quiero and simply accepting a you’re notable. What you have to do is enjoy, is the present moment, because, if you be in the image I have of you, then you’ll have controlled, and give you fear of being yourself, fearing to do me harm; It will give you fear telling me the truth and do anything that may damage the image that I have it. Apply to any image that people have of you and that makes you see that you’re a genius, a Sage, a Saint, or something similar; feel flattered and at that moment you’ve lost your freedom, because henceforth stop not strive to achieve that not change their minds. You temeras make mistakes, be yourself, do or say anything that might damage that image. You’ve lost the freedom to get in ridiculous, be the object of jokes, do and say what you seem, rather than what seems to fit with the image that others have of you.

How is just this? Based on many hours of patient study, awareness and observation of what such an image gives you: A mixed emotion of insecurity, lack of freedom and suffering. If you can see this clearly, you disappear voltages depend on the opinions of others. After a while, the mirror I looked smiling I gave him back and returned to the profane world Mario Pastorini Mahler Co.Autor of the hidden wealth. The revelation of the power of internal Material purely INICI?TICO. It contains revelations of ALT?Can SIMO impact obtained from fraternities,? orders, organizations and alchemists (whose identity is not revealed due to the impact of the secret) for 15 years. Original author and source of the article