Formative Study

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The formative study, directed to the process of having and pleasure, inglrias fights, knowledge of the paper of the individual formation and its consequences in the world of tasks delegated to the educator, its mission, its implications in the dialogue between the different ones. The significao of our paper in the world must be capable to generate unfoldings that will have to contribute for production of significant knowledge, the act of alfabetizar ideologically is atrelado it is salient production of directions previously, the reading educator/, will have obtains the challenge stimulant of its daily process of awaking and keeping alive the flame of the reflection of the capacity of the unfoldings of the world readings. Citing Freire, I elucidate the said one: It is necessarily, finally, that the educandos, trying–if each time more critically in the task to read and to write perceives the social trams where if it constitutes and if it reconstitutes the language, the communication and the production of the knowledge. (PABLO, 2009) Third Letter (' ' I came to make the course of the teaching because I did not have another one possibilidade' '), the author goes until its memory (alive and pungente) of long walked formative next to the pairs and says rescues them, the echoes of as many teachers (the sort question, still is sufficiently strong in the initial career of the teaching) and professors, what they to be or many to remain in the teaching, the proposal qualitative of many of the courses of existing teaching in our country had taken, the process of the linked knowledge the responsibility (or irresponsibility) scientific of our formations and as this it reflects in this being and to have professional, wants either at the moment of the negotiation table striker (to know why of the quarrels and so that and who), the historicidade of me the remuneration of the teaching professional, as well as the understanding of the force of its work in the construction of the social knowledge, to understand is synonymous of being able.


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(BRAZIL, 1998) 3,0 MOTOR DEVELOPMENT the child if finds in constant biopsicossocial development. In this phase of the life the physical changes, motor development, cognitiva learning and socialization exert influence between itself in all the trajectory of adaptation with the world. The contact with stimulatons becomes the more excellent biopsicossocial development, and its interaction with the organic, neurological and affective maturity, has primordial paper for the global development of the individual. According to Pink Grandson (2002), it is by means of the motor exploration that the child develops the same conscience of itself, as well as of the exterior world, thus standing out the importance of the motor activity for the global development of the child. The motor abilities also assist in the conquest of its independence, its games and its social, important adaptation in the construction of the basic slight knowledge for its intellectual development. Alterations in the motor development are perceived as a component that it intervenes with the biopsicossocial development of the individual. In accordance with Gallahue and Ozmun (2001), motor development is continues it alteration in the behavior throughout the cycle of the life, by means of the interaction, enters the necessities of the task, biology of the individual and conditions of the environment. Tani et al (1988), agrees to authors Gallahue and Ozmun (2001), when they affirm that motor development is a continuous and lasting process, that happens during all the life of the human being.

still adds that the sequence of the development is equal for all the children, being that what varies is only the progression speed. According to these authors, the domain order depends on the maturacional factor, whereas, the degree and the speed depend on the experiences and individual differences. Gallahue and Ozmun (2001), affirm that when human development is studied, must be considered the interrelation of the areas of the human behavior: cognitiva (intellectual behavior), affective (social-emotional behavior) and psicomotora (motor behavior).

Distance Learning: Jazz Piano

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Distance learning jazz piano chords, accompaniment, to find a good Jazz teacher game & improvisation – by Stefan Berker is not always easy, especially when it comes to a good jazz piano educators. The global jazz academy Berlin allows learning according to a sophisticated and proven Lernsystem of the jazz piano and jazz improvisation in the correspondence course. Within a jazz band a pianist is actually constantly in action, as he is a member of the rhythm section with bass and drums, and also sometimes improvised. He accompanied, soliert and plays often the subject. Most jazz pianists probably spend the by far the largest part of their stage time as an accompanist (E.g.

for singers, instruments, etc.). This circumstance which in the literature more trio pianist as normally “considered hitherto little considered. And are not always aware of the players of the instrument. This is the game in the rhythm section for pianists of fundamental importance to the sound of a band and their feeling. This course deals with the two functions of the pianist in the band: solo and accompanying (on English comping”).

For the solo, first great-sounding left hand voicings are presented and developed. For monitoring a wide range of voicings and accompanying techniques are explained and played. These are both the style and the actual game situation like for example game in the combo, in duo, trio, with or without bass, vocals in the duo and the band. As substantive points to the piano course: improvisation to left hand voicings with and without tone, option sounds, two-handed voicings with and without tone, rhythmic variation, variation of position, three to eight coherent voicings drop two upper structure, slash chords, block chords, walking bass, styles such as swing, BOP, Latin, Cha Cha, reggae, stride, salsa. Provided are in-depth theoretical knowledge of jazz, jazz basic as in the courses and advanced jazz be mediated. This knowledge be piano specific in the course of jazz piano implemented. With appropriate knowledge can be entered directly in jazz piano. The will be happy to advise you in your individual situation. As in all classes of the global jazz academy all musical aspects dealt with not dry in theory be transferred in musical practice. To do this, serve the Playalongs with compositions of various styles, which simulate the band situations in all their variations.

Innovative: Accelerated Teaching And Learning By Ats!

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Interview by the 25.10.13: ats S. L., Wolfram Laube, CEO, the company ats learning systems offers, which are based on accelerating teaching and learning. Why use accelerating methods”? Applies whether in education or work, everywhere a flood of information on us rushes in, to deal with it. This is with conventional methods difficult to create. An absolute key qualification is to learn quickly and effectively in the 21st century. How much experience do you have in this area? We have over 20 years experience in the field of education and are now internationally. We are the pioneer and market leader, we have developed learning systems, tested and introduced to the market. We are always innovating and always have improved our offers.

What distinguishes your products? All ats learning concepts based on the findings of brain research, psychology and pedagogy. We put their theories into practice and offer unique learning concepts, with which learning interesting,. motivating and even fun! That sounds good… How do you do that? There are many elements that contribute to the enormous acceleration of learning, characterized our learning: there are many senses addressed (multi-sensory approach”), takes into account different learning styles, Association and visualization techniques are applied, the learning is playful gives you forget old-fashioned timpani, which is often boring and requires lots of seat leather. For which areas of the learning offer you products? Our bestseller”is the system computer write in 4 hours”.

We developed this product years ago because every other work with a computer is connected and you can afford any more basically, only with 2, 3 fingers on the keyboard around to hack… “Special didactic approaches, we have now even more improved this product, so that we now only 1 hour computer writing ‘ offer. It is the fastest learning concept that there are worldwide to learn computer writing! We have developed this novelty, because again and again customers ask us are approached to develop a concept for even shorter. Also this ats system is suitable for anyone who efficiently and professionally will use the PC keyboard with 10 fingers. In the field of foreign languages, we offer different programs for different age groups and levels. What groups of people are suitable for your learning systems? For everyone from 8 to 80 years old. How do you market your products? Our customers are schools and coaches who complete a type of license with ats, then offer the learning concepts to their participants. We have fine 5000 people in the German-speaking market certified, 40% of the VHS in Germany alone are working with our products and about 400 trainers offer computer writing according to the ats method.