Formative Study

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The formative study, directed to the process of having and pleasure, inglrias fights, knowledge of the paper of the individual formation and its consequences in the world of tasks delegated to the educator, its mission, its implications in the dialogue between the different ones. The significao of our paper in the world must be capable to generate unfoldings that will have to contribute for production of significant knowledge, the act of alfabetizar ideologically is atrelado it is salient production of directions previously, the reading educator/, will have obtains the challenge stimulant of its daily process of awaking and keeping alive the flame of the reflection of the capacity of the unfoldings of the world readings. Citing Freire, I elucidate the said one: It is necessarily, finally, that the educandos, trying–if each time more critically in the task to read and to write perceives the social trams where if it constitutes and if it reconstitutes the language, the communication and the production of the knowledge. (PABLO, 2009) Third Letter (' ' I came to make the course of the teaching because I did not have another one possibilidade' '), the author goes until its memory (alive and pungente) of long walked formative next to the pairs and says rescues them, the echoes of as many teachers (the sort question, still is sufficiently strong in the initial career of the teaching) and professors, what they to be or many to remain in the teaching, the proposal qualitative of many of the courses of existing teaching in our country had taken, the process of the linked knowledge the responsibility (or irresponsibility) scientific of our formations and as this it reflects in this being and to have professional, wants either at the moment of the negotiation table striker (to know why of the quarrels and so that and who), the historicidade of me the remuneration of the teaching professional, as well as the understanding of the force of its work in the construction of the social knowledge, to understand is synonymous of being able.

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