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The Conference was a snapshot of Jurgen Gartner, Russias Consulting GmbH to the Diskussionsort on the new path of Russia’s development both at the present time and in the period after the crisis. Actually the goal of economic development for the coming years was already set and often repeated. \”Early February 2010 Russian President Dimitri Medwedew at a meeting of the Presidential Council for national projects and demographics made it clear again: the objective in the modernization of the economy, in the establishment of a modern, innovative, strong and effective economy, for which we are not need to ashamed.\” He thereby underlined that the domestic economy should not depend on raw materials. The top officials involved in the Conference showed the steps that are required for the solution of the tasks. The term modernization should be backed up by deeds\”, economy Minister Elvira Nabiullina said. For this purpose the motivation of people should be, the motivation Economic and business circles be promoted.\” First and foremost, should the conditions for the entrepreneur facilitates and improves the investment climate, said the first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Schuwalow. The improvement of the investment climate should be according to him, in establishing clear and consistent business rules and change of attitude toward entrepreneurs.

In addition, the socio-economic situation in the country must remain stable, he added. For the improvement of the investment climate, including a simplification of the approval and agreement procedures in new projects was necessary, continued Nabiullina. In addition, the Russian tax system should be reformed and improved, she added. According to the representatives of the Government, new types of business need tax privileges (if they are connected with innovations, high technologies and energy saving). Often however, the positive intentions of the authorities contradict their deeds: consistently increase the corruption and the tax burden, the number of bureaucratic Hurdles is not decreasing and the expediency of investment in the ailing infrastructure is still questionable.

1 Year News Portal

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The twitterschnelle news portal celebrates its first anniversary on March 18, 2010. Amsterdam / Berlin, March 18, 2010 – the news portal twitterschnelle celebrates its first anniversary on March 18, 2010. A year ago, the biggest Dutch Internet Publisher Sanoma digital brought the news site on the German market. The offer is designed according to the recipe for success of the leading Dutch news site Visitors will find compact prepared on about the current affairs of the day. also addressed to the readers who want to get a quick overview of the current state of the message. Editor-in-Chief Antje Winter looks back: “the number of readers of is growing every day.

The first year has shown us that there is much interest in this slightly different news site in Germany. We want to expand this in the second year. The need for news in General is still, at the same time the people but less and less time, have to through the tangled mass of reports fight. Here you will find the selection of the main news.” provides not only information but also confusion. In addition to reports from politics, business and sport, there is a curious news section.

Also offers weather information page, the television station, a football live ticker and a video platform. ( is optimized for the mobile phone and there’s a iPhone and Android application. More information about Sanoma digital can be found under:, nl-header-English.php on Twitter:, on Facebook: pages/Dnewsde/60185295950? ref = more ts: Antje Winter, editor-in-Chief Tel: 0031 6 100 766 23 email: provides not only current but also confusion. In addition to reports from politics, business and sport, there is a curious news section. Also offers weather information page, the television station, a football live ticker and a video platform. Contact: Maassluisstraat 2 1062 G Amsterdam Antje Winter + 31 (0) 20 840 45 32

ECl@ss-Unterst Support In CONTENTSERV 5.3.1

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Product data management solution with new features Rohrbach/ILM March: with the appearing in the July release of service to current version 5.3 software manufacturer CONTENTSERV GmbH the eCl@ss-Standard in its product data management solution is now off. Already in the main release 5.3 PDM suite value range types provide in the CS for greater flexibility in the management of product features and better performance when searching, even with very large amounts of value range. In addition, they can be centrally maintained and localized. Now the figure of eCl@ss-Standards is possible in the service release 5.3.1. Products and services you can assign himself by eCl@ss of a four-stage, numeric class structure. Search terms and synonyms allow a targeted to find products and services within the classification. Feature strips enable a precise description and subsequent identification of products and services with standardized characteristics and value tables.

Thus CONTENTSERV supports a wide range of business needs in the Area of product data management and e-business, such as greater efficiency in the merchandise management, high hit security product search and identification, process reliability with continuous information chain, a vendor and cross-OEM product and assortment policy, clarity of the offer, and uniqueness in the description of requirements, controlling and reporting options, fast and cost-efficient processing of orders and comprehensive exchange of data between trading partners. The provider presents insights into CONTENTSERV solutions. The CONTENTSERV GmbH CONTENTSERV is software vendors for enterprise marketing management solutions (EMMS). While pursuing the company with their comprehensive and user-friendly approach forms the CONTENTSERV solution the creative system of marketing, sales and communications. It supports in all media, print and communication processes. Media, such as catalogues, websites, E-shops, print and online promotional materials without expertise can professionally via Web browser be created.

Thus, optimize processes and high cost and time savings. This ensures a faster time-to-market product communication. Press contact: Petra Kiermeier, head of marketing CONTENTSERV GmbH Werner-von-Siemens-str. 1 85296 Rohrbach (ILM) / GERMANY T + 49 8442 9253 870 F + 49 8442 2044

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Through the success you're moving to a failure. After a failure you move towards success. If you have a few successes row, it means that you set for yourself is too easy task. If you get a failure, you have a huge amount of material for development. And the most rapid growth occurs during the chain of failures, if it can stand your mind. If he can not, then you will no longer develop. For many people – a subconscious fear of failure. They have year after year, set for themselves only those tasks which surely succeed.

And the year after year, depriving themselves of opportunities for development. Fear of failure makes it impossible to succeed. And development is necessarily accompanied by crises. The crisis is the very state where everything that was done earlier, is denied, because it is This led to a crisis. Need to do something radically new. Look at the situation with fresh eyes and see the possibilities that have not previously seen. Before the crisis could be more relax and move in a groove. In period of crisis, these tracks, if they do not have time to become a great sound track (a fairly long period without a crisis, for it was), floods the forest of new problems, snow of pessimism, blurs rain-failures, they are not as reliable and not so short. Have permanently or keep them in the same state or act in a more radical: to lay a shorter, more efficient, more reliable way to protect them.

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We very well know that daily are more ways to earn money from the internet, some very good other not so much, we also know that the physical world is like the real world, so how does not lack who use it to hurt, steal etc lends itself to good things But the main reason for this topic is the why in my 4 years of experience in networking and two of them already living business online, because e-commerce is the best alternative for me. Very well I could not mention all forms that exist in internet to make money, but are a short count within my experience and hope not to disturb any person who may be developing some of the businesses that are not profitable within my experience. Very well initially and as whole rookie someday was in ptc, more known as pay per click (pay per click), in others as ptr known as (pay to read) or pay per read, among others, but it really is something that in my opinion requires much work and the equivalent receiving cash is very low, Surely with these systems you will never earn 50 dollars or euros per day, this may be a good alternative for those initiated into the world of the internet and can see your first income, recommending them to be very careful when entering these programs since many of these companies put you to work but you do not pay or disappear at any time. Well there are other systems such as the traditional opining win or earn money by completing surveys, these systems know that they are very profitable but especially for people from USA, they easily manage to win more than 50 dollars a day although there are companies who pay us for latinos, there are not many for people from USA, in terms of these systems I can not say that they are bad, in fact ever work them and had good results achieved make money, these packages of companies that pay you to fill out surveys typically find them on the internet for about $35, buy several but badly organized, good and say this because according to them it would earn $ 1500 per month but fails to win or 50, as I rewarded according to with redeemable points and what I needed was money, therefore gather the best companies that we are paid by processors as PayPal or checks to put it at your disposal free in my twiteer for them will need to be registered in this social network and find me as daicer123 and in my publications you will find a link which you can download the best companies that pay per view.

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According to him, the Federal Reserve and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation have created a public-private investment fund. The mechanism works consisted of the following: banks formed a pool of distressed assets, after What the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation held an auction for the sale of troubled assets (of course, with a discount). If the price of the asset seller's suit, the private investor finance operations through the issuance of debt securities guaranteed by the FDIC. A further funding comes from state funds and private investor in a ratio of 6 to 1. And some investors get to control a pool of troubled assets. Must say that the plan until the end and was not implemented because the government failed to negotiate with banks on repurchase price of distressed assets. Switzerland In Switzerland, the Fund was established for special purposes of the Central Bank with filling of 60 billion dollars by the Central Bank (54 billion) of bonds and the largest bank in Switzerland, UBS AG (6 billion). In fact, the hybrid scheme was applied to the elements of the remediation of the bank and insurance company.

Managed funds were transferred to the problem assets at UBS $ 39 billion, and the government sold bonds of the bank (UBS), which can be converted into a 10% stake in the bank. Sweden Sweden the first of European countries, who began work on the state level with distressed assets – in the early 90s of last century. For this purpose, the creation of two financial companies with unlimited public funding. Bank assets were conditionally divided into 'good', 'problematic' and 'bad'. The first group of assets remain in the management of banks, the second – redeemed by financial firms, and the third – to be written off. Financial firms bought the banks troubled assets by the state, which is partially crossed the shares of banks (in effect, partial nationalization).

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Twitter has created a revolution in the train of social networks. The issue is how you can generate more traffic to your website with this tool. To attract prospects and keep them interested in topics related to your market, I suggest you these first actions. 1. Professional image.

It is important that you review your photo and description of your profile. Remember that Twitter is as a mini web page your own. It is your responsibility to communicate the best possible image. A perception and professional with a call to action, your prospect is ready to follow you and visit your business opportunity. 2. Frequency. Sends 2 messages or Twists per day.

The content can be varied as your audience expects different and interesting content. 3 Target. It determines what type of audience is responding. He tries different tactics with key words, called to action, links, etc. Select the leaders to whom you want to follow, then you choose those prospects that have the right profile. 4 Manages time. This is extremely important to be efficient. These are some tools that can help you save time: Hootsuite and Hootsuite. 5 Analyze your results. If your main goal is general traffic to your website, analyze that kind of articles have greater impact, perhaps are forwards? It is important to select a system that will allow you to measure the goals you have. A tool that I could be very useful is Google Analytics. 6 Hootsuite vs Google Analytics. Hootsuit measures the amount of clicking that your receive from links in your shipments while Google Analytics also analyzes clicks, the time that passes your visitors on your page, average visitors, percentage of those who visit your site for the first time, among other options. 7 Include links. Be able to efficiently measure your results is including the links in your shipments and see what kind of action take your followers. Then comes from include them whenever you can. 8 Pages Webs. Consider creating blogs or websites for Twitter strategy. This way you can measure even more efficient mind results and your websites will be consistent with your strategy, better filtering your prospects and offering them relevant information. Sending interest iras content creating a legion of fans who will be attentive to your messages, little by little these followers will be purged by you, making them ideal prospects for the business opportunity they are offering. Original author and source of the article