University Professor

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The present article argues the phenomena of the current society and its you influence in the insertion of diverse professionals in the educational field, as well as, the factors that had led when rethink of practical of the university professors in the conduction of the education process the learning in the society contemporary. For this intention, I weaveeed a brief passage of the existing influences in the formation of the teaching professional, showing that the complexity of teaching in century XXI, has taken the educator to an incessant search of alternatives to improve the practical propedutica. This work is resulted then, in the importance of if facing the knowledge professional technician as the first stage of the teaching life, where the practical one of lecionar must be perfected through a modern didactics of education that folloies the social evolution, oportunizando new formats of education learning in the university context. .

State University

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In this period, I knew a girl who the principle I thought to be imaginary, it only appeared when all my colleagues and professors leave the school, together we played to give to lesson for all the morning, in the future I we would understand what those vises represented. Since small it admired the intelligence and effort of my Nubinha cousin, who already had concluded the course of Pedagogia in the State University of the Bahia – UNEB – and was, or better, continues being an excellent teacher, having its services high valuation in the schools of the bahian interior. While it started to discover my ambition for knowledge, I also noticed that Rick it was the opposite, only thought in sprees and women, and as to if exteriorizar the people highly they are influenced by the modismo, it did not delay very until that idea – sprees and women – also occupied mine mente.6. Chapter V – My first paixoNa first series, new ideas assumed the control of my habits, and already in a new school, I knew a girl called Melania, what everything indicates to have been my first passion, was a pure and attached feeling the will to protect it of the bad things that I started to discover that they existed. Many think that a child cannot get passionate itself, but as great Freud psychologist explains, in the first years of life the boys if get passionate for the mother and the girls for the parents, this occur reason act for its human instincts, not being still socially limited the prohibitions that they force inthe majority of the case the resignation to the instinctive will. Freud still explains that the feeling targets change for the brothers or cousins to the first ones to unclasp of the familiar relations, until reach white is of family, as work and leisure, schoolmates.