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How do you learn a foreign language? Walk in a group? Coach? Diligently and effectively master the language itself? There are many approaches to language learning, and you're probably faced with many of them. More recently, the discovery was made, which can improve the process of learning a foreign language, especially if you learn the language yourself. Scientists from the University of Victoria Paul Zultsberger found that in order to quickly and efficiently learn the language as much as possible to listen to a speech in that language, even if you are very new and still do not understand. 'Our ability to learn new words in a foreign language is in direct Depending on how often we hear a combination of sounds that make up the words of the language – he says. – If you want to learn Spanish, the Spanish radio play several times to increase the ease with which you will remember the Spanish words. Gerald Weissmann, MDs opinions are not widely known. " Paul argues that to better remember the words the brain creates a special neural chain based on combinations of sounds that occur frequently in the language, and words like 'fit' into these chain.

This happens automatically when you frequently listen to foreign language. By the study of sex has pushed his work to teach the Russian language NZ students. By observing how often the students stopped deal because of the lack of results, he had long pondered the question of why the word to learn second language so difficult. "When people learn an unfamiliar language, their brains may simply not have the neural chains for those sounds that they hear, – says Paul. – Their brains are not ready to accept the language. " To create the necessary neural chain in the brain, you just need to be more in the linguistic environment, which today can be easily done using technologies such as listening to the radio or audio books, or communicating with native speakers on Skype. Of course, the best way – to live in a country where they speak the target language, but it is not necessary. Language – a skill, says Paul.

It can not learn as we learned that the Earth is round. If you want to become a serious athlete, you need to develop muscles. Likewise, in order to acquire speaking skills in a foreign language, you need to develop the relevant parts of your brain. Not so difficult, right? Simply choose an interesting audiobook, or tune in to a good radio – a wave of foreign language, do it more often in self-development of the language (which I, incidentally, is also mentioned in his course), and everything! A Now – an interesting resource about the development of foreign languages: – Who can best help you learn a foreign language? Of course, it supports! They will check your text and correct any errors! Sincerely, Sergey Vasilenkov e-mail for communication: serg753 (dog) 'Universal methods improved foreign languages! '- Master the language independently and effectively

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