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1.1. Effect of visual pathology in early childhood development rechidetey in recent years have changed the internal biology, congenital and hereditary conditions of children with visual impairment, which impact on the cognitive sphere and the formation of the child. The developed system of correction and compensation of the visual defect of psychological health – teaching tools have shown the possibility of children with visually impaired to achieve a high level of mental development, overcoming the negative impact of the visual defect as the formation of sensory or intellectual and emotional spheres of the individual. And this is due to the advent of a new position in relation to children with visual impairment: the formation of the psyche of children must be based on capabilities and needs of children according to their characteristics associated with a defect of vision. The close relationship that exists between the CNS and eye development of the fetus in the early periods of pregnancy, indicating possible violations of the duration of the common causes of brain and eye diseases. The pathology of brain activity in early childhood may have etiological and environmental causes are associated with different times of their occurrence, which usually affect the development of tormozische children, so they come into contact with another being in the development of brain child. As shown by recent studies, AV Khvatova, this category of children with visual impairment increased significantly in Russia in recent years. According to them, 88% of blind and visually impaired 92% of children have congenital form Pathology of view. .

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