Russian Language Teaching In The UK

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If the situation suddenly changed for the better, we would be glad at the same time wondering how the bull, who defeated the matador. Considering this situation, we shall discuss it separately in relation to schools and universities. As in many other countries, the teaching of Russian in the UK reached the highest point in 60 years after the launch of the first Soviet artificial Earth satellite. In the spirit of 'dogonyaevschiny', trying to catch up and overtake Soviet specialists in astronautics and other natural sciences, many began to study the Russian language, with the approval and support of the government, believing that the path to success is through knowledge of Russian. For Russian language teachers this situation was unexpected, pleasant, but ksozhaleniyu, short-lived. Educate yourself with thoughts from Richard Linklater.

Starting in the 70s the number of schools where you can learn the Russian language, began to decrease, and the number of students who give school graduation examinations in Russian language, to fall. Paradoxically, the teaching of Russian language remained largely in private schools, which constitute a very small percentage of British schools. Therefore we can not necessarily link the fate of the Russian language in this country with political considerations as well as from the ideological point of view of private schools have political views, often diametrically opposing ideologies of the former Soviet Union. Russian language is popular in private schools because it allegedly requires outstanding intellectual abilities. This prestigious object, which produces positive impression on the parents of potential students. Reasons. The reasons for the declining interest in Russian should be sought elsewhere: in the creation of a comprehensive system s in our schools, which was intended to increase number of subjects studied students, but actually reduced it, and seriously infringed the teaching of Russian language in the decision of the British people to join the Common Market (European Union), resulting in a preference school schedule is given to Western European languages, especially French, in the introduction of the new curriculum, which has limited opportunities to learn all languages except French, and in the Soviet Union collapsed, navedshem several influential teachers at the idea that the Russian language is no longer needed.

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